X Files

Study showing vaccinated people are becoming magnetic.

Federal reserve plan to move to an all-digital currency.

A 2017 public health drill which the Covid National Emergency seems to perfectly mimic.

University of Texas explains how corona virus vaccines endanger human health.

Research paper tying the induction of the virus to 5G’s effects on human cells.

Rockefeller Plan to ID and trace all humans and their activities.

Evidence that Bitcoin may be an NSA creation.

How Bitcoin works.

Dr. Russell Blaylock provides instructions to block the toxins carried in the H1/N1 Vaccine.

Document that provides instructions on how to defeat drone surveillance.

An essay on the predictable cycles of empires and nations.

NASA presentation on the future use of technology in society and war.

Trump Administration paper on a possible national power outage.

Declassified memo on the plan to create terrorist attacks and blame them on Cuba.

How to manage your actions to survive a revolution.

The Air Force plan to manipulate the weather for warfare.

A speech to Congress on how the US was placed into receivership in 1933.

Wireless technology and the assault on human health.

Scientific paper describing global cooling and warming due to natural solar cycles.

ATF memo on gang activity in the military.

2012 EU cartoon on a global pandemic and the globalist government solution.

US Army manual for operating concentration and reeducation camps.

State of Missouri report on the modern militia movement.

Reveals Google and Facebook ties to the CIA’s domestic spying program.

EU plan to block travel without government required vaccines.

Secret cell phone data sweeps lead to identifying information.

The Army sees highly urban megacities as
the future battlefield.

Army considerations for fighting in Megacities

Neoconservative plot to eliminate the Constitutional election protections and ensure Biden is installed as president regardless of the election outcome.

U.N. plan to erect a global governance structure over nations.

CDC Plan to Vaccinate Americans.

CDC plan to vaccinate employees of critical industries.

Listing of health risks of the Covid-19 vaccine and plans to track adverse events.

Lists of toxic ingredients in the most widely used vaccines.

A form telling your medical provider of your refusal of consent to be vaccinated.

A form telling your medical provider of your conditional acceptance to be vaccinated if they agree to be financially liable.