Oil refinery

Gas Prices are Headed Up

Americans are about to pay a lot more for the ...
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Stash of Cash & Coin for Freedom

Everyone sees the writing on the wall when it comes ...
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Different currencies

The Future of Money

Money as we know it is coming to a dramatic ...
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US income tax return form

Put Money in Your Pocket Now

Income tax filing day came late in 2020 due to ...
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Farm windmill

The Golden Dawn of a New Era

The world economy is facing a massive collapse and as ...
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Fresh local produce

Supporting Local Small Businesses

Many Americans can remember when their towns were filled with ...
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Man filling up an application form

Starting Your Start-Up

Times are tough. The United States is undergoing significant economic ...
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Different graphs and charts

The Deception in Unemployment Statistics

Mark Twain popularized the expression that there are three kinds ...
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