A New Sheriff in Town

America’s political divide is becoming greater by the day. In 2020 Americans learned that their elections could not be trusted as extraordinary levels of election fraud revealed a problem far greater than anyone thought possible in the United States. The subsequent inauguration of Joe Biden as president and his issuance of and support for executive orders, directives and legislation resulting in everything from the erosion of education standards in our universities to transgender affirmative action in the military and the defunding of police departments in big liberal cities has led many to understand their country has been hijacked and is being systematically destroyed. This has led many conservatives to abandon liberal cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles in order to migrate and take up new residence in conservative areas in Florida, Texas, Missouri and Tennessee.

With the great migration from liberal to conservative locations has come a realization that there may never be a fair federal election in America again with election fraud now being built and cemented into our election systems. Additionally, new legislation is being pushed to permit illegal immigrants and felons to vote and to make vote by mail, a process that opens the door to even greater fraud, standard in our federal elections. It is for these reasons that conservatives are hyper-focused on local politics, feeling that the county and city levels of governance are the last places that fairness and adherence to constitutional principles can be preserved. They are right.

Counties are unique in that matters taken up at the county (and city) level have direct and substantial impacts on their communities,. The local level is where people determine what is taught in their schools, how property is zoned for various uses and, importantly, who runs law enforcement agencies –the sheriff in particular. Sheriffs are the most important law enforcement official in the county and because they are elected and not appointed as police chiefs are, they are not beholden to the political whims of the mayor. Sheriffs have complete independence and have no boss except for the people who elect them. That gives them a unique position in society and conservatives have been wise in going out of their way to ensure that their sheriffs strictly adhere to constitutional principles of freedom on every possible topic, especially gun rights. This is what will ensure that counties will be able to resist tyranny from the federal government – and it was intended to be this way.

Many sheriffs fully understand the rise in federal tyranny and they are working with their county commissions to declare themselves First Amendment, Second Amendment, and business sanctuaries in order to protect the lives and livelihoods of the citizens in their respective counties. There is a massive trend of sheriffs and county commissions fully rejecting the unconstitutional proclamations, executive orders and laws being hurled at them from Congress and the Biden administration and this is a trend that will continue to grow as the federal government becomes increasingly fascist. In fact, at least one county in Missouri has already passed an ordinance that says any federal agent seeking to enforce federal gun laws in that county can be arrested while banning anyone in the county who cooperates with federal law enforcement from seeking any public office in that county. This is called federal nullification.

This idea of federal nullification is rapidly spreading across America as the country begins to split into sharply different political regions which at some point may become completely politically independent in an alliance against federal tyranny. If a civil war does come to America it will start along these political lines – liberal versus conservative, authoritarians against constitutionalists and libertarians. Hence, conservatives and libertarians are looking to insulate themselves as best they can from the federal machine which is fully under liberal fascist control. The best way conservatives can protect themselves from increasing authoritarianism is by electing sheriffs who uphold their oaths of office and by ensuring they live among like-minded people, ready to act in self-defense and in defense of liberty alike.

For more on the role of the important sheriff in society listen to Episode 46 of the All American Podcast – an interview with the founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, Sheriff Richard Mack. To learn more about federal nullification, especially as it pertains to gun rights, listen to Episode 45 of the All American Podcast – an interview with Noah of SancuaryCounties.com.

We urge all patriotic Americans to engage in conversations with their sheriffs and other elected officials to ensure that they support and uphold the principles of liberty codified in both state and federal constitutions. Talk to your local county commissions and boards and run for local office as well. Everyone who values liberty needs to get off of the sidelines and get in the game.  You must save yourself instead of waiting for someone else to save you. The preservation of liberty at the local level is absolutely necessary to endure the coming storm.

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