The Great American Breakup

Here’s some food for thought! This blog article imagines a breakup of the United States of America by the year 2026. America has reached a critical point in its history – a point where a full on collapse of its civilization is expected.  As we wrote in America and the Fate of Empires, our Constitutional Republic has nearly reached the average life expectancy of all great civilizations which, upon reaching approximately 250 years of age, collapse. After collapse, civilizations are either reorganized and reconstituted – such as the British Empire being reorganized as a parliamentary monarchy – or they are relegated to the dustbin of history such as the Mongol or Roman Empires. It is clear that in many parts of the country America is fast losing its identity, culture, political and social traditions while is economy falters and mostly due to self-inflicted wounds. As Ariel Durant succinctly put it, “a great civilization is not conquered from without until it destroys itself from within.”

America’s self-inflicted wounds include a woefully uneducated and Constitutionally ignorant public preoccupied with bread and circus, an endless stream of illegal immigration (particularly of peoples who do not understand the concept of individual liberty), the rapidly ballooning expansion of the welfare state, a useless education system which is tantamount to being a socialist indoctrination program, low standards of behavior and public decorum, a preoccupation with mood and mind altering drug use, mental illness and a heavy reliance on antidepressants and other pharmaceutical drugs, a media and political class that equates traditional values with racism and sexism, widespread sexual deviancy and perversion, a failure to understand money and finance while engaging in conspicuous consumption, the uneven application of law and order wherein the politically connected are released while those defending themselves are prosecuted, an obsession with bureaucratic and technocratic rule over society and the total loss of a common culture that binds the people of a nation together. All of this done by the people to themselves and instigated by corrupt political, education, financial and entertainment complexes. As a result of these wounds, at some point in the next 10 years it’s foreseeable that the country may plunge into a new civil war and eventually breakup as social cohesion deteriorates past the point of no return as our politicians wage a full scale war on civil liberties and political factions turn into military factions.

The political class and their media cronies have already put millions out of business and out of work due to the coronavirus lockdowns and the people are fuming. Add to this the fact that Congress is issuing an alleged aid package to provide financial relief from the lockdowns though much of the money is going into pet projects, to political allies, and even to foreign nations while giving Americans in need a mere $600. Liberals incredulously continue to think that they have a man in Joe Biden who cares more about the American people than Donald Trump. They are wrong and will soon find this out. Until then, Conservatives and liberals have irreconcilable differences and a breakup, whether peaceful or violent, appears imminent. We do not see the globalists as being able to completely fold all of the United States into the new authoritarian world order but rather only those parts of the country like coastal California, coastal Oregon, and coastal Washington plus the American Northeast (i.e. from coastal North Carolina and Virginia up the east coast to Maine) where the majority of the populace demands a strong central government. The majority of the country is going to reject the new world order. This is the big surprise awaiting the globalists. Much of the country, the so-called “Red States,” will not be conquered. The “Blue States will be all in for the globalists.

To be clear, we have two primary groups in this country and a number of subgroups that could secede and form their own unions.  The two primary groups are the Conservatives and the Liberals. The Conservatives are dominant in the south, the southwest, the mid-west, the Great Plains and the mountain west and mostly live in suburban, exurban and rural areas. This means it is the Conservatives who control most of the landmass of the country as well as most of the natural resources and farmland. The Conservative areas will separate based on sub-cultures unique to their geographic area.

The liberals are dominant on the west coast and east coast, and in the large cities of the Midwest with large yet decaying urban centers being their domain. The run the large metropolitan areas of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. The Liberals hold power over the big financial centers of America and the Great American Breakup will happen around these fault lines. The possibility of this happening is fueled by the fact that Conservatives have recently been relocating in droves to consolidate in rural and resource rich areas where the people remain patriotic and want to protect traditional values. In the liberal areas there is a widespread hatred for America and traditional values and liberals have been firmly entrenching themselves in these corrupt and decaying financial centers.

Given that the liberal areas are split into three – Northeast, Midwest and West Coast – they will likely be reorganized as three different nations. The Conservatives will split into five different nations. We’ll take a look at the Great American Breakup from east to west. We note that Alaska declared its independence right as the civil war broke out and is no longer associated with what was once the mainland of the United States of America.

The Second Civil War broke out as the Biden-Harris administration began to clampdown even harder on society using the coronavirus National Emergency and the New World Order manufactured “Climate Emergency” as reasons to continue to keep people in their homes and away from small businesses that rely on foot traffic for revenue. Hundreds of thousands of businesses quickly failed and political demonstrations by Conservatives began to proliferate.  The administration considered these First Amendment events to be in violation of new executive dictates against assembling in a “Pandemic” and sent in police, National Guard, and United Nations sponsored military forces to suppress them. 

In addition, new anti-constitutional gun laws enacted to outlaw center fire semi-automatic rifles were passed and Conservatives who were pulled over for traffic stops were being subjected to interrogation and seizures in violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. Guns shows, ranges and stores were being raided and Liberal citizens began turning in their neighbors whenever they learned that they owned guns. Furthermore, new income taxes were enacted to keep politicians earning their salaries as the middle class imploded. Big businesses thrived as small businesses went extinct. Conservatives hit the streets in bigger numbers to demonstrate and became involved in violent clashes with Leftists and their foreign mercenaries who were brought in to support the conversion of the country into a communist plantation operating under the Globalist Fascists. Violent clashes led to mass arrests and the establishment of military prison camps as Biden invoked the Insurrection Act – though the military began fracturing as many Conservatives went absent without leave (AWOL) to support a new Conservative secession movement. 

Conservatives, outraged at the double standard that permitted liberals to rage, burn and destroy businesses for months in 2020 began to take out their anger on politicians until one day a politician was violently assaulted as Conservative statehouses across the country began to vote on the issue of secession from the Union.

Referenda across the country urged politicians to secede and the votes came in overwhelmingly supporting the agenda. At this point the administration took multiple states to court and sent in the military to suppress secession movements but it was too late. The violence and double standards perpetrated by the Left as well as the destruction of the Constitution and selling out of the country to the Globalists would be the reason that the Conservatives decided they’d reached the point of no return. They would not turn in their weapons and saw totalitarianism spreading across the land. Several militia groups, active duty military (abandoning their posts and joining the secession movement) and veterans turned on the administration and began taking the fight back to the Left as the country plunged into all-out war and America’s largest cities plunged into darkness and terror as rural Conservatives cut off food, medical and other critical supplies to Liberal cities and areas. They also took their fight to Liberals whenever they identified them, efficiently and violently wiping out most of the Liberals inhabiting middle-America while leaving their isolated Liberal big cities to burn and collapse into barbarism and despair. Eight new countries emerged on the mainland and established themselves after five brutal years of war against the Liberals and Globalists.

New Atlantis is a Liberal country that runs from Maine down to the North and South Carolina border, roughly along Interstate 95 for much of its length. This is an area already dominated by the old money Eastern Establishment but it maintains a very large number of poor minorities. New Atlantis – with a collapsed New York City but with a Washington DC that has become a citadel that doesn’t permit any citizens except for the ruling class to enter its walls – emerges as a neo-feudalist land where the old money and wealthy land owners control the political machine and the rest of the population with administrators drawn from university academia acting as middle management. It is a catastrophe for the poor (the 99%) who have nothing akin to a Bill of Rights and are subjected to an Orwellian style socially engineered existence, run by the administrators, in order to keep them at a distance from the 1% who own the country. The 99% live in extreme poverty and there is no middle class except for the administrators – perhaps 5% to 10% of the population. Poverty is extreme, particularly because there is no efficient or productive agriculture or industry nor will is there much innovation. It is a land dominated by wealthy bloodlines and people who make money off of large land holdings and their ownership of foreign based corporations.

The American Republic consists of politically conservative areas that maintained a sense of American patriotism and stayed true to the Constitution and a republican form of government. Running from the borders of New Atlantis westward to the Mississippi River, this land maintains a good amount of ethnic diversity but importantly is very politically conservative, economically vibrant and unified in wanting to protect traditional values. The republic fully embraces a return to traditional values and, like the other conservative countries, implements strong anti-immigration laws and drafts a new constitution to further enhance individual gun rights. It was these rights that allowed the republic to reject the globalists that destroyed the United States of America and build the new American Republic.  Rich in farmland, natural resources, and with a population known for a strong work ethic, The American Republic has a very large middle class and few restrictions on individual liberty. Patriotism is taught in the schools which are private. Public schools have been abolished, abortion is illegal and Christianity is respected in government institutions. This new country excludes lands roughly north of Interstate 80 which is where the big decaying liberal cities lie from Cleveland and Detroit to Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

Illindia is generally a wasteland of Liberal areas that are now without an effective government. It is more a territory abandoned by the new nations surrounding it because the areas are lawless and ungovernable. This territory of former rust belts cities is populated by destitute people and looks like a Third World country with no real services or economy to speak of other than a barter economy. Fiefdoms have emerged with warlord run territories and quasi-governments jockeying for power and authority over a terrified population yet none of the surrounding areas will admit residents of Illindia. Its neighbors have gone so far as to create walls, barriers, checkpoints and armed patrols to keep the residents of Illindia out. Soon the cities of Illindia will burn themselves out and the population will eventually die off. By treaty Illinida’s neighbors have designated this geographic space as “No Man’s Land”. 

Lakeland is the fertile and wooded lands of Michigan and Wisconsin roughly north of I-96. This is a Conservative and mostly rural and agrarian land with its inhabitants living a largely subsistence lifestyle. There are none very rich and none very poor but it is the essence of the simple life with fishing and farming being a way of life for most. This nation is sparsely populated but inhabited by people who want to be left alone and they have embraced gun rights and anti-immigration laws with vigor. The tiny country is run by a president and elected counsel who have no right to pass any laws that infringe on private property in any way. The elected officials know that the people may execute them if they violate the founding guarantee of private property rights. The country is also fiercely protective of its borders. Anyone who unlawfully enters Lakeland, without obtaining advance consent and going through the proper protocols, is shot on sight by the border guards or reported to local militia if they manage to escape the guards.

Texarkana is quite Conservative and consists of six former American states west of the Mississippi river but is dominated politically by those living in the former Texas and Oklahoma due to their substantial oil resources. Texarkana uses its oil and gas wealth to be a major player on the continent and while it will conduct trade with the other nations, except for the Liberal nations, it is fiercely independent when it comes to both internal and foreign affairs. It is skeptical of alliances and treaties and generally prefers to avoid foreign entanglements. It is also an extremely religious country where Christianity becomes a part of national life. Texarkana maintains very strong gun rights, has outlawed abortion and bans its companies from doing trade with the new liberal countries.  The church plays a substantial role in the daily lives of the citizens and while there is an honoring of Christian principles in law and society there is a separation of church and state that looks more like America before 1990s when schools and government recognized and respected the role of religion in politics, education and other aspects of social life.

Republic of Scandia is the largest yet most sparsely populated new country on the North American continent. It is rather homogeneous in terms of race with a large part of the population being whites with German and Scandinavian roots. This country is Conservative and leans Libertarian, valuing individualism, and has gone to a form of government that is highly decentralized. It has adopted a “minarchist” mindset where private property rights are supreme and alternative forms of dispute resolution such as private mediation and arbitration are encouraged rather than adopting a robust court system. Authority is highly distrusted and government officials are severely restrained as to what laws they are able to pass.  The constitution of the Republic of Scandia includes term limits for all politicians, specifically limits the number of government agencies and bureaucrats and specifically allows the people to abolish their government assembly by a 60% vote. There is no standing army, just an Army Reserve consisting of multiple independent militias that agree to work towards the common defense. Frontier justice has returned to this part of the country with Sheriffs forming a posse of volunteer citizens as needed to mete out justice.

Sierra Land is the desert southwest and the rich agricultural lands of California to the east of Interstate 5, plus San Diego which gives this nation access to the Pacific Ocean. This is a country with an economy based on agriculture and mining though its important port at San Diego means it is a gateway for trade for other conservative nations, particularly for the Republic of Scandia. Sierra Land has continuous conflicts with its Liberal neighbor to the north and has to violently enforce immigration laws to keep refugees from the communist state from entering. All refugees, and any illegal immigrants in general, are immediately deported and have no right to any legal process whatsoever. Sierra Land as a fairly high standard of living though constant conflicts with its neighbor to the west mean a substantial amount of time, money and energy have to be put into military defense.

Communist People’s Union of the Pacific consists of the strip of coastal land from Vancouver, Washington to Los Angeles to the west of Interstate 5. It is a country that fully embraced the aggressive and abusive Stalinist style communism and though it has open immigration no one is trying to get in – many people are in fact trying to get out but no other nation, including New Atlantis, will have their refugees. This country is governed by a ruthless government of bureaucrats who have turned this nation into another version of North Korea. A large segment of the country remains ignorant of everything happening beyond their borders and live a life of destitution while believing that every other place in the former United States is worse off than they are. In fact, they’re told that they have it pretty good but there is no real industry to speak of, agricultural land is unproductive and life expectancies are short due to high levels of alcoholism and drug abuse. Though on the coast they have no real international trade due to being a communist government that does not understand the free market system and has nothing of value in the form of a currency to purchase foreign made goods. Hawaii agreed at the inception to be a part of the CPUP but then broke away as an independent nation after less than 3 years as the dysfunction of CPUP became more apparent.

It’s important to note that the once big metropolitan cities of the new Liberal countries have collapsed and become crime-ridden hell holes. Politicians of the ruling class visit these hell holes annually with promises of change, jobs and security but of course nothing ever changes. It was the same way in the former United States of America as well.

The new Conservative countries have all agreed to ban illegal immigration and to enshrine gun rights as well as protect the Christian church. Capitalism reigns supreme in varying degrees but all agree on free market principles and reject cronyism. The Liberal countries have open immigration – yet no one immigrates to them – and they have banned ownership of firearms except for those in the ruling class. The Liberal countries show extraordinary class divisions between top and bottom though the overwhelming majority of people live at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder and have no upward mobility to speak of, having embraced fascism in the east, communism in the west and having no political organization to speak of in the mid-west.

Welcome to North America 2026. Let us know what you think.

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