Stash of Cash & Coin for Freedom

Everyone sees the writing on the wall when it comes to cash. Countries around the world are in some instances strongly discouraging people from making their purchases with cash and in others are outright banning the use of cash from being used in financial transactions. Dozens of countries around the world have implemented bans on cash transactions above a certain amount or they have implemented systems intended eventually to eliminate cash all together. This is yet another way in which governments and banking cartels are attempting to deprive you of your right to privacy and your right to enter into contracts and transactions without being subject to unnecessary fees. They also, of course, seek to use your purchases as a mechanism for societal control and issue you a “social credit score” designed to tell them if you are a “good citizen” based on your purchasing habits.

With respect to your right to privacy, it is no one’s business but your own as to how you spend your money but if cash is banned, and everything is in electronic form and bar coded, whenever you make a purchase with a debit card, credit card, or Radio Frequency Identification Chip (RFID) implant in your hand just know that information regarding all of your purchases will logged and used to create a profile on you. This profile isn’t used merely by the seller; the information is sold to data broker companies that in turn sell you information to whomever they want. Do not be shocked that law enforcement and spy agencies are among the purchasers of your information.

Your profile will be used preserved at data fusion centers for state enforcers to use at their discretion and at a time of their choosing should you run afoul of any of their rules, regulations or dictates. This is the foundation of their digital control grid and police state. Imagine what the government may do if they issue orders banning the sale of a certain product and they find you have a history of purchasing such a product – even when it was “legal”. Do not expect the government to treat you kindly as abusing power is something government goons do better than anything else. Under the 4th Amendment to the Constitution the government is supposed to have a reasonable articulable suspicion that you have committed a crime prior to seizing any of your property, papers, data or information but we know the courts consistently disregard the Constitution and only pay it lip service. This trend will continue to get worse.

The right to enter into contracts and transactions without incurring third party fees will be unattainable should cash be banned. Using electronic payment systems means an automatic fee will be added to your transaction and siphoned off by third party service providers that enable the electronic transaction to occur. We already incur these fees by credit card companies but we currently have the choice to use cash when we want. Once this right is gone and the financial institutions have a monopoly over how purchases are made then you will not be able to avoid these fees and they will be able to raise them however they want, whenever they want. There will be nothing you can do about it. They can make these fees so excessively high that they will in effect be a block on your ability to make certain purchases. Many in government already want to do this with taxes, firearms and ammunition. Certain products may only be available to the wealthiest of people. Your freedoms mean nothing to the people who are in charge. They feel they have the right to dictate to you the terms of your existence because they see you as mere cattle.

The idea of a social credit score assigned to citizens based on their purchases, social media posts and public behavior comes from the Chinese Communist Party and it is a method of social control that is quite repulsive. China first rolled out plans for the social credit score (essentially an electronic human brand burn that gives you a grade on how well you have complied with their orders, edicts and standards of behavior) in 2014 with a goal of having it fully implemented by 2020. It is a dystopian and Orwellian tool designed to force you to submit to their rules of behavior set by technocrats in the Communist Party. If you do not follow their rules and your score drops enough you will be banned from making certain product purchases as well as be blocked from such things as train or airline travel, hotels, schools. You may even be deprived of your beloved pet, and more. This system of course has its apologists in the West as more countries are looking to implement this dystopian nightmare. If it ever becomes implemented in the West, our freedoms will be gone in an instant. Americans need to be aware of what is going on and demand that their politicians enact legislation to block this from ever becoming a reality. Unfortunately, the people probably can’t rely on their politicians to resist this change since they are in the pockets or BigTech, the banks and the Globalists. Additionally, many will no doubt be manipulated, by mainstream media, into thinking this is a good thing that is being pushed “for the greater good”.

These developments should serve as a serve as a warning to every citizen that lives in a country pushing these policies but there are ways to counter them. First, everyone should have a substantial amount of cash on hand so that they can privately make important purchases that they do not want tracked by the system. Everyone should have a hidden safe or a cache of money – but most certainly not a safe deposit box at a bank – that they add to monthly for those important purchases – and when one makes said important purchases he should not use a store loyalty card. Those cards are tied into the surveillance grid as well. Make your purchases of essential items that you absolutely want to remain private, such as ammunition and handheld weapons with cash and leave no trace of your purchases. Cash is also good for greasing the palms of people who can help you out in situations where you need off the books assistance. You’ll be able to use cash in this manner for quite a while as we’ll be in the current legacy banking system for some time to come.

Second, you’ll want some physical gold and silver – real money – which is not only a store of wealth and inflation protection for your hard earned dollars but it’s also a great way to deal with purchases outside of the current legacy banking system. As economic stresses put pressure on the dollar you’ll be able to conduct multiple transactions using 1/10 ounce gold coins or 1 ounce Silver coins – just make sure you buy America Eagle gold and silver coins from a reputable company. You can learn more about these coins at the U.S. Mint website. It also may be beneficial to put some of your precious metals in vaults outside of the country. This will allow you to access your precious metals outside of the United States in case you are overseas and unable to return or, alternatively, want to execute an exit strategy. Having metals both in your hand and cached or stored overseas may be a strategy you’ll want to investigate.

Third, having some form of alternate currency – including crypto currencies – is something to look into as well. We do not feel it is prudent to place large quantities of your savings into crypto currencies but think they should be a part of an overall strategy to diversify your assets. Talk to an experienced financial professional and crypto currency expert to understand whether they are for you but note – to protect your privacy your crypto currency holdings should not be in any crypto currency created by any government or BigTech firm since they are merely extensions of the Neo-fascist New World Order that is being implemented. Finally, communities that are seeking to create alliances outside of the Globalist control grid should consider creating their own currencies (preferably backed by precious metals) that can be traded among local citizens and allied communities. This way local producers of food and manufactured goods can sell their goods and services to citizens in communities that share the freedom agenda. Once the Globalist financial control grid goes live you’ll want a way to conduct business outside of the system.

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