Best Prepper Phone Apps

The last several months have proven that smart phone apps can be an important tool not only for networking and communicating with your social groups but also for staying up to date with key information related to social, economic and political events. These events include everything from sharing social event dates to documenting evidence of criminal activity and even abuse of power by government agencies. You can track police action (or inaction for that matter) as well as military movement by the National Guard and more. You can track inventories of your emergency supplies and even plan hikes or vehicle travel through national forests, campgrounds and urban areas alike.

We have a word to the wise, however. Smart phone apps should never be the only tool in your toolbox for sharing information, communicating with others or managing and monitoring critical supplies and events. This is for a couple major reasons. First, they may not be secure – especially if you don’t have the proper security settings, fail to use a VPN, or are using an app that is easily trackable or hackable. We are convinced that many apps linked to BigTech have no privacy whatsoever, notwithstanding your phone security settings. Second, once politicians, government bureaucrats or BigTech determine they do not want you using a certain app, primarily because they fear what you may be doing without their knowledge, BigTech can delete these apps from your phone without your consent – even if you paid for them.

The BigTech companies have constructed a virtual network of control – a Matrix so to speak – and they are leveraging this power in an effort to manage society and socially engineer a world over which they exercise unchecked power. Apple and Google have already shut down platforms that millions of people use – such as Parler – because Parler permits free speech that is not approved of by BigTech and the liberal political parties the world over. So remember, while these apps are convenient and a useful addition to other tools you may employ, they are not the most secure or private and they can be taken down without notice.

The fact is that we now live in a world that is interconnected at every level with government-corporate surveillance of society being at levels no one ever dreamed of just 20 years ago. Well, everyone except for the advocates of a surveillance state. The surveillance state crosses the lines of technology, politics, education, media and medicine and it is designed to ensure that every person on the planet is profiled. In the new world, artificial intelligence will be used to predict and mange behavior as well as to reward and punish it.

For this reason, we recommend that you do not become too reliant on phone apps and that you be very selective about the ones you do use. Apps that are based on vanity and pushing your identity and personality traits out to others should be wiped clean and deleted. Apps that focus on information gathering, learning and “how-to” are the ones that should be kept – even if these also carry with them factors that can be used for profiling you. By way of example, delete apps that are all about sharing pictures of your house, your travels and the foods you like while keeping apps that show you how to conduct first aid or tune into weather reports and emergency services. So with this said, whether you live in the city or the country, certain apps will prove to be helpful in times of civil unrest. Here are a few that you should take a hard look at.

5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner is essentially a police scanner that you can access using your phone. It allows you to listen in to police, fire, EMS, railroad, local government and other agencies from around the world. You can stay tuned to what your local government agencies and emergencies services are up to. This is not a transmitter, it is merely a receiver.

Signal is currently the best app for secure and encrypted communications with your friends, family or neighborhood watch group.  It even includes a “self-destruct” feature whereby you can set a timer on your messages to delete themselves after being read.  The timer can be set for 5 seconds up to 24 hours. This app may eventually be targeted by BigTech just as they are targeting the less secure app Telegram though we expect it may be around for a while because it is the app of choice for violent left-wing groups like ANTIFA as well as the left wing media.

TACTICALNAV was developed by an Army artillery officer for mission planning. Those with military experience will find this most useful in planning for the defense of a neighborhood or town if ever subjected to an invasion by roving gangs or foreign enemy forces if we’re ever in a “Red Dawn” scenario. It gives you the ability to navigate, mark objects and areas of interest including the movement of opposition forces and plan for your defense and you can even access your plans and maps without having a cell connection.  That is – you can use it offline which is the only way you should use it. You can also share the mapped out plans with others in your group but that, of course, would require a cell or internet connection. This is an app that will require a lot of time to master unless you have a military background.

Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook is self-explanatory.  This app will help you understand how to quickly identify and stabilize an injured or sick person until more advanced medical care can be obtained. Whether dealing with a water-born pathogen or a broken bone, this app will help.

Deluxe Moon is a great tool for understanding the different moon phases throughout the year.  Do you know when you’ll have a full moon or a new moon so you know when to be on the move to conceal your team’s operations at night? Do you know when sunrise, sunset, moon rise and moonset will occur? This app does it all and more.

Wild Plant Survival Guide is an encyclopedia of plants that can be used for nutrition or medicinal purposes. It include color photographs and detailed explanations of edible, medicinal and poisonous plants and should be your guide to knowing whether you can safely use plants that you come across in survival situations. This guide is incredibly comprehensive.

Army Survival is a great companion to the guide listed above.  You’ll learn the most important aspects of survival in great detail. It includes military techniques and guidance on wilderness medicine, building shelters, procuring and filtering water, land navigation, constructing your own survival materials from natural resources around you, building fires and more. You’ll even learn about the psychology of survival, dangerous animals, and even survival in different situations from jungle to cold weather zones to being at sea.

These are few highly recommended apps that you should consider adding to your phone. They will help you to navigate challenging times and situations while keeping your personal life confidential. There are a couple more things to keep in mind about phone apps, however. First, everyone installing apps should familiarize themselves with their operation and content not just install them and forget to ever practice with them. Second, remember to employ all necessary security features when employing your apps by disabling location tracking and app performance reporting (as needed) and always use a reputable VPN whenever possible. Third, if you have apps on your phone that you never use, get rid of them. They’re just a drag on your phone’s performance and provide yet another potential backdoor to stealing your personal information. Fourth, remember that your operating system – Apple or Android – can delete these apps at will.  They should be an addition to your tools and not the only tools you rely on for survival. Finally, remember to wipe clean and delete any apps, like Signal, if you determine you do not need them, want them or want your information captures or stolen. The beautiful thing about Signal, beyond the fact that you can set self-deleting messages, is that it is very easy to eliminate your entire conversation history.

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