America in 2021

The year 2021 is going to kick off with a bang when, on January 6, President Trump’s supporters rally in Washington DC and cities across the country to express their support for him and their disgust with a clear case of vote fraud that may put Joe Biden in the White House.  We say it “may” put Joe Biden in the White House because this is not a certainty yet. There are still lawsuits percolating through the court system and challenges to the certification of the election appear imminent in Congress.  We can expect that violent extremists in Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA will turn out in force to counter the Trump supporters in Washington DC and it is a foregone conclusion that violent clashes will be happening across the city.

If Trump prevails and it is proven that he was in fact elected president, look for the Globalists to go full bore and issue commands for their shock troops to restart mass rioting, burning and looting. Remember, those shock troops committing arson and other acts of violence and lawless behavior have been protected from prosecution by a corps of liberal attorneys general and prosecutors who have in fact let them go free with complete passes. This is because those prosecutors are in on the plot and have taken money directly from the Globalists running this insurrection. Take for example St. Louis Circuit Attorney KimGardner. This is the woman who refused to charge mobs of looters and arsonists in St. Louis while going after the McCloskey family for defending their property. Former Nazi collaborator and Globalist George Soros pumped over $100,000 into Ms. Gardner’s reelection fund and has done so for liberal prosecutors across the country. These corrupt prosecutors know where their bread is getting buttered and they will continue to do the bidding of the Globalists, i.e. giving the violent Left legal cover for their acts of violence and terrorism.

Terrorism will be the primary mechanism for going on the offensive against America. The Globalists intend to make America pay for the crime of wanting to maintain its national economy, culture, traditions and civilization but it will not be the only mechanism.  If Trump prevails and the terrorism, along with continued lockdowns of society, isn’t sufficient to bring America to its knees then look for a full scale war – potentially with China and/or Russia. We already know that the Biden family has deep connections to the Chinese Communist Party just as we know that television and social media are run by Globalist seeking to overthrow our country and eliminate the U.S. Constitution. Every American needs to continue to prepare for the total breakdown of society and this will come whether Trump is reelected or not. Should Biden take the White House look for the total implosion of our culture and economy as the assault on tradition, gender and individual liberty is renewed.  Biden and Harris will hasten the demise of the United States and one peek at his ties to the Chinese and a second peak at his proposed cabinet tells you all you need to know. His team is one of political cronies, inexperienced hacks, and Marxists who will not only refill the swamp back up to the top but they are also Globalists who will be all too happy to get America back on track to join the New World Order.  The Club of Rome plan to create a one world government ruling over 10 world regions is very much alive and well and in order to achieve this nefarious goal the destruction of America as a sovereign nation that respects individual liberty must occur.

Look for attacks on the Bill of Rights to ramp up immediately after the Biden cabinet is in place. You will also see a full throated commitment to multiple Globalist institutions, renewed outsourcing of jobs overseas, the end of meaningful immigration law enforcement, a call for increased taxes and the full destruction of the middle class and property rights as the power to infringe on private property is returned to corrupt federal agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, which will be given renewed authority to confiscate your land or tie you up in an expensive litigation process for something as innocuous as colleting rainwater on your own property. The Biden Administration will be working to eliminate the principle of federalism in America as it works to increase the power of a centralized government.

With all of this in mind and the fact that we’re going to have chaos and conflict no matter who is in the White House, it is imperative that the continued migration of conservatives and constitutional libertarians to more conservative parts of the country occurs.  The country may end up fracturing and if it does you will not want to be caught on the wrong side of the equation or on the wrong side of any new borders that may emerge. You’ll want to be in a place and in a community that allows you to live happily and as stress free as possible. Additionally, you’ll want to be among like-minded people who you know you have common cause with – people who will support you and your values – as events spiral out of control.

Having a Biden-Harris Administration does not mean that the liberals have called off the chaos. Greater chaos will be coming, just in another form, because they intend to bring an end to our Constitutional Republic.

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