The Quickest Route to Improving Your Health

We live in a time of increased stress on our bodies, not to mention our minds, as the average American is bombarded by multiple toxins from multiple fronts every day.  We’re exposed to air pollution, chemical laden tap water (which includes a multitude of cell-damaging metals like lead and pharmaceutical waste products), genetically modified foods, pesticides, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, alcohol, processed foods, electro-magnetic radiation, excess food consumption (particularly around the holidays). In addition to this Americans suffer from low vitamin and mineral levels (due to the much lower mineral content of our soil and the destructive effect toxins have on vitamin and mineral stores in the body). With our bodies under so much stress, maintaining optimum health can be a challenge but it is not impossible.  There are a number of things we can do to restore the body to good health and help it to rebuild and rejuvenate.

The body functions poorly for two main reasons, it is either toxic with higher amounts of cellular poisons than should be in the body, making natural detoxification difficult, or it is deficient due to having lower levels of all of the good things the body needs to function properly – namely vitamins and minerals. That said, the first thing we must do to restore good health is to stop the ingestion of toxins. This is the easy part.

Cutting toxins from one’s diet is not challenging except for breaking addiction to poor food and drink choices.  You can start by cleaning up your water and ensuring you are fully hydrated.  When it comes to cleaning up your water, do not listen to those who say that America’s tap water is perfectly healthy to drink.  It is not.  Our municipal water, depending on where you live, can go from fair to poor but in no instance is it great.  If you want a general idea of how your water ranks go to the Environmental Working Group’s website and put in your zip code to find out. After typing in your zip code click on “”View Utility” and make sure you scroll through the whole page. You’ll see the contaminant levels in your water supply for a variety of chemicals. This exercise should lead you to conclude that you need to invest in a high quality water filter and that you should never drink straight tap water. 

Cleaning up your water with a good water filter means automatically eliminating toxins.  They’ll never make it into your body so your body won’t have to waste energy trying to get rid of them. After you’ve started using a filter make sure you stay fully hydrated. Not only does your body use water to provide cellular energy, it uses water to flush out other toxins.  The fact is, most Americans are dehydrated and don’t even know it and this can lead to several problems from high blood pressure to kidney problems.

Next, after taking care of your water, eliminate or substantially cut back on acidic foods. Acidic foods are those that cause the body to become inflammatory and these foods include alcohol, sugar, white flour (pasta, bread, fried chicken), non-fermented dairy, processed foods (like those with high levels of preservatives including nitrates and nitrites) and trans-oils like hydrogenated soy bean oil.  These acidic foods cause tremendous harm to your most basic cellular functions and cause disease. If your body is working overtime to purge these toxins from its cells, which it is, it will never be able to operate efficiently and optimally. 

Additionally, foods high in sugar and carbohydrates (like bread) will inhibit your body’s ability to burn fat and know this: your body will store toxins in fat cells.  This is, therefore, a double whammy so to speak. You can find a list of acidic and alkaline foods here.  It must be noted that your body tends to be slightly alkaline in its natural state.  On a scale of 0 to 14 (with anything below 7 being acidic and anything above 7 being alkaline), the body prefers to be between 7.2 and 7.4. This does not mean you must eliminate all acidic foods. It means you should reduce them in proportion to alkaline foods and also get the right kind of acidic foods.  Click here to find another source of alkaline versus acidic foods.

After eliminating your acidic foods it’s time to add essential vitamins and minerals.  The body thrives on minerals in order to perform all of its voluntary and involuntary bodily functions.  If you want your body to perform at peak performance you need to not only supplement with high quality, natural, food-based (not synthetic) vitamins you’ll need to do the same with your minerals. You can easily look up the minerals that the body needs to operate efficiently but some minerals need to be highlighted because most Americans are so woefully deficient in them.  These minerals include:

Magnesium: Important for blood pressure and heart relaxation.

Copper & Zinc: These two work in tandem to keep your immune system functioning properly.

Potassium: This electrolyte benefits your heart and improves muscle endurance and performance and manages a healthy balance of water in your body.

Selenium:  Selenium is a powerful mineral that in sufficient levels destroys viruses by stopping their replication.

Chromium: This helps us to balance blood sugar levels and helps in the fight against diabetes.

There are several great mineral products on the market but you should make sure that they are primarily food based in order to get their maximum value. This typically means obtaining minerals that are derived from plants that absorb those minerals from the soil and have high contents of those minerals as a resort.  You can also get good minerals from ingesting Celtic Sea Salt, Redmond’s Real Salt or Himalayan Salt, all of which are unrefined and composed of dozens of minerals – unlike refined table salt which is stripped of everything except for Sodium and Chloride.  The former salts have health benefits while refined table salt does not.

In addition to your minerals take food based vitamins as well.  Again, these are easily absorbable and your body will get the most mileage out of them.  There are some great food based brands out there and they do not cost much.  Just make sure they are derived from organic fruits and vegetables to ensure they are as free as possible from pesticides and do not include Genetically Modified Organisms.

The fourth thing you can do is get regular exercise – even if it means taking a mere twenty to thirty minute walk at least three times per week.  Ideally you should do this under sunlight since the body uses sunlight to produce vitamin D, a vitamin that is essential for managing calcium levels and enhancing the performance of your immune system.  In a time where everyone has been “ordered” to stay indoors, look for increasing immune system problems as a result of plummeting vitamin D levels. Note that to get effective exercise you do not need to spend an hour on a treadmill.  The best and most efficient exercise is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or “Burst Training”.  We’ve touched on that in another blog article here. This training can be done in as little as six minutes, three times per week and will have a dramatic impact on your health if you combine it with the other health tips in this article.

We live in the Age of Decadence and all of the trappings of the age are leading us into a civilizational collapse. We want all of you patriotic Americans to be able to weather the coming storm.  Getting our health in order is of the utmost importance.

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