The Future of Money

Money as we know it is coming to a dramatic end thanks to explosive developments that have brought us into a new era in the age of electronic banking. These developments include the rise of block-chain technology and the rise of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum; and the globalization of the world’s financial system – from the creation of the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements to initiatives now being pushed to eliminate cash and coin all together.

Now as economies crash around the world and insurmountable debt continues to accumulate, Globalist institutions such as the European Union, Club of Rome and the Open Society Foundation -which despise the idea of individual sovereign nations -have found their moment to have their “Great Reset”. This is an event that will span all spheres of life – economic, financial, social, political, and more. One of the key components to the Great Reset is the financial component. After these globalist institutions collapse the economies of entire nations, they will have a ready-made excuse to rush in to rebuild and control everything in the global society they want to rule over. They will have already conditioned the public for the massive corporate and individual bailouts necessary to stabilize the lives of billions of people – or perhaps hundreds of millions when they’re finished rolling out this catastrophe – and they’ll blame the collapse on the coronavirus, climate change, war and populist politicians like President Trump for having caused it all to go down.

To rebuild and stabilize society after the catastrophe to come, people will need to have their basic needs of food, water, shelter, and healthcare provided for and in order to facilitate this and support the millions of financially broke and unemployed residents of this new plantation,the high financiers of the New World Order will roll out a massive welfare scheme called Universal Basic Income (UBI).  This is a plan to provide every living soul on the planet with “free” money that will provide them with a subsistence lifestyle. There won’t be many jobs to go around so the people will jump on this in order to survive and provide a menial existence for their families. They’ll use UBI money this for those basic needs and to enjoy government approved entertainment which will be enjoyed virtually, not in person, unless you have your electronic health passport/identification which will permit you to come in closer contact with other humans in this dystopian hell-scape the globalists have planned. How will they get this money to you?  It will be given to you electronically, of course, with a direct deposit into your bank account but the deposit won’t be in dollars – not as you know them anyway. It will be in a new version of the dollar or a replacement for the dollar because the dollar will be worthless by the time this is fully implemented.

Whatever they call the new currency, it will be solely in electronic form as they track, tax, and have algorithms and spyware monitor every single financial transaction you make. All of those transactions will be used to create a profile on you and a social credit score that rewards and punishes you for your online, virtual world behavior as well as for your purchases and spending habits. You will be financial slave to the globalist control grid and should the grid disapprove of anything you do, your finances will be turned off. This is what they have planned, ala China’s social credit score today.

So how do we get around this and is there any way out?  Besides not kneeling before the tyrannical dictates of globalist authoritarians at the national, state and local level and besides ensuring you exercise your right to vote at every opportunity before the liberals water down or eliminate that right as well, you must ensure you have a stock of assets both at home and abroad, outside of the country if you can.  At home you’ll want as many physical resources as possible including a healthy supply of gold and silver which you’ll be able to use to make purchases outside of the control grid and with others who have prepared for the day when cash is banned and everything goes electronic. If you value your privacy and don’t want to be a total slave to this new system coming on line, buy your physical gold and silver now.  Do not wait because the price for both may soon be far out of reach.

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