America and the Fate of Empires

This year, 2020, will go down in history as one of the most tumultuous and chaotic Americans have ever seen and it very well could be the end of our great Constitutional Republic. We’ve endured a lot in our short history, first as a colony and then as a country, including genocide, slavery, a revolution, a civil war, world wars, multiple regional wars, the fight for civil rights, the Cold War, an economic depression, multiple recessions, epidemics, pandemics and a coronavirus “plandemic,” but amazingly, after around 200 years as a republic, we overcame nearly all of these ills and challenges to become the most successful, free and fair country that has ever existed inhuman history. We boasted a higher standard of living, a better quality of life, greater opportunity, and an overall more happy existence for more people than any nation could ever dream of, yet this is all about to disappear. The American Dream and the success and prosperity our citizens have enjoyed has been under assault by those seeking to exploit the wealth of the people.

The move to exploit the wealth of the people and in particular the middle class is nothing new. It’s come in various stages throughout our history including but not limited to the introduction of liberal policies like the income tax, a small business and individual citizen strangling – and large corporation favoring – Code of Federal Regulations that is 200,000 pages long, the rise of the Military Industrial Complex (which President Eisenhower warned us ruin our country financially and politically) and endless wars, and an ever burgeoning class of politicians and unelected technocrats who seek not to serve their country and keep their oaths to uphold and defend the constitution but rather to enrich their themselves and their big corporate masters at the expense of their countrymen. Politicians like Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons and Joe Biden use their political positions to sell favors to foreign governments and transnational corporations to line their own pockets with our national wealth through a multitude of schemes including freedom limiting and profit maximizing legislation like “Obamacare,” mandatory vaccinations which enrich BigPharma while sacrificing the health of the people – who have relinquished their critical thinking skills along with any desire to be responsible for themselves – and a plethora of taxation, fee and contracting schemes. Through all of this they have come to hold unchecked power and control over the people of our land to the detriment of liberty and justice for all. The worst part of this is not that the people allowed this to happen by refusing to defend their freedom and requiring a restraint on government power, no.  The worst part is that nearly half of our population demand it.  They want the government to be all powerful, to provide for them and if it means they have to support the lying, cheating, and stealing of elections by liberal politicians to get what they want – which is to be dependent serfs or slaves – then they will do it.

We now have rampant and unmitigated vote fraud in this country – something that you would only expect from countries like Honduras or Sierra Leone. The evidence is undeniable and only the most ignorant or evil among us would deny this. If Biden and Harris end up being installed in the executive branch then the good times will officially be over. We’ll know that our politicians and the technocrats in our government will have fully embraced the corrupt ways of Third World tin pot dictatorships and that there will be no way out until a counter-revolution secures victory for the people. If Biden and Harris are inaugurated in January, 2020, we can be certain that our politicians have neither the will, the ability, the desire or resolve to put an end to the obvious corruption which has infested the corridors of socialism, then communism, eventually take over the country and plunge us into a multi-decade era of authoritarianism. It will have taken only 244 years though this should not come as too much of a surprise to those who know history.  Sir John Glubb, in his essay The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival provides us with ample evidence that the average empire or civilization lasts around 250 years. We’re right on time for a collapse after having transitioned through each of the six stages of empire that Glubb lays out in his work.

Stage One is the Age of Pioneers or the “Outburst”. This is where you’ll find “a small nation, treated as insignificant by its contemporaries, suddenly emerging from its homeland and overrunning large areas of the world.”  Think here of America’s great expansion westward from the original 13 colonies on the east coast all the way across the continent to the Pacific Ocean. By the time of the Civil War Americans had largely claimed and settled the west and the nation could no longer be treated as insignificant whether in geographic size, financial wealth or political power. This is an age of rugged men who exhibit bravery and daring in their pursuits of expanding the borders of their country.

Stage Two is the Age of Conquests. Here, the glory and honor of winning new territory or victory in battle is the theme.  This rides on the coattails of the Age of Pioneers and goes even further than the mere expansion of contiguous territory as navies modern are built. Sea power is a key element in the development of commercial trade and conflicts among nations is imminent. The Spanish American War of 1898 serves as a great example here when the United States won decisive battles over Spain in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and in the Philippines, expanding American controlled territory and eliminating Spain from competition in America’s areas of interest whiles establishing new spheres of influence in the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Stage Three is the Age of Commerce. This is a time of increasing wealth when “merchants and goods can be exchanged over considerable distances” since there have been considerable advances in transportation and the idea of making money starts to become the dominant theme of the era. According to Glubb, “proud military traditions still hold sway and the great armies guard the frontiers, but gradually the desire to make money seems to gain hold of the public.” This is where we find rapid wealth accumulation and the building of large infrastructure including roads, railroads, ships, buildings and public offices.  Think of America’s great robber barons that dominated the economic landscape of the late 1800s and early 20th century. This was the era of the great industrialists like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan and Vanderbilt. This was the kickoff of America’s great industrial age and those men built extraordinary mansions for themselves reflecting their great monopolistic wealth and power.

Stage Four is the Age of Affluence. In this stage, “money replaces honour and adventure as the objective of the best young men”as the “object of the young and the ambitious is no longer fame, honour or service, but cash.” America’s roaring 1920s come to mind here.  This was a time of great economic prosperity and a time when American culture started to rise dramatically in the world.  America developed the lightbulb, cars, the telephone and electrical appliances and exported those items plus its culture like jazz and movies around the world. Times were great until, of course the Great Depression of 1929 struck.America would recover of course and continue its dramatic rise in power through and beyond World War II due to its great wealth, and political and economic systems which not only allowed but encouraged entrepreneurship and innovation. America’s prosperity and the rise of a very large middle class was the hallmark of this time through the 1960s and beyond.  It seemed that nothing could go wrong for America once past World War II and the Korean War.

Stage Five is the Age of Intellect.  This is a time when the “wealth of the nation is no longer needed to supply the mere necessities, or even the luxuries of life. Ample funds are available also for the pursuit of knowledge.” It is a time when colleges and universities proliferate across the country and a time when going to college becomes almost an expectation. The merchant class, seeking to attach their names to universities, provide great endowments in their names and fund the expansion of the arts and sciences in pursuit of knowledge with the fight for the mere survival of the nation is far in the distant past. It is a time for intellectual pursuits that go beyond seeking ways to innovate. Advances is the hard sciences are undeniable but this is also a time in which the“social sciences” emerge. A certain arrogance emerges with this age when academic honors and the belief that one educated enough can and should solve all of the world’s problems. This is also a time that political rivalries and factionalism emerge as past traditions of self-sacrifice, once enough to triumph over differences of opinion and ideology, are in fact lost to ideological arguments and hatred for the other side. This period in America has lasted from the 1960s through the current day with dramatic fractures over politics happening in primarily in the 1960s, 1970s, 1990s and all throughout the 2000s.

Interestingly, a common trend develops as each civilization becomes more prosperous, eventually leading to that civilization’s demise in the Age of Decadence.

Stage Six is the Age of Decadence and it is the culmination of a destructive trend that starts during the Age of Commerce and gets stronger until the nation collapses. The trend includes the following: an influx of foreigners that at first is helpful to providing labor but subsequently becomes harmful as society loses its identity, heritage, common culture and fragments with the watering down of that common culture that once bound people together. It includes a preoccupation with frivolous endeavors like obsessions with food, drink and entertainment like the infamous Bread and Circus of the failing Roman Empire. The equivalent today would be America’s obsessions with food, cooking channels, reality television shows, dining out, sports, and craft beer and spirits drinking experiences.

There is also the absurd glorification and near deification of actors, athletes and entertainers rather than the heroes who actually created our civilization. One need only look today at the assault on historical figures like Washington and Jefferson while popular culture and the young celebrate and roll in the blather of the ignorant and hypocritical day time or late night-night television show hosts and celebrities who push for the destruction of the system that allowed them to become successful in the first place.

Finally there is the corruption and eventual loss of religion – that spiritual and cultural bond that once served to unify the country as it struggled for its survival and eventually found prosperity. Anyone in America can see quite easily that the church has not only become less popular with Americans but it become disrespected by many leftist politicians and cultural icons such as the aforementioned actors, athletes and entertainers. The church has also, in the wake of liberalizing its own rules, standards and faithfulness to scripture turned away from its traditional beliefs and has become corrupt and mired in multiple scandals including pedophilia.

America entered the Age of Decadence in the late 1990s and there is now no turning back from the collapse. Amazingly, we now are witnessing our triumph as a civilization be washed away under a tsunami of political corruption, societal decay, decadence and a failure to respect the traditional values that made America the greatest civilization to exist in history.We stand on the edge of a real coup d’etat pushed by those who seek to exploit the times, after decades of infiltration and subversion by Communist forces and sadly our country and the freedoms we were once able to enjoy will be gone as the Globalist Marxist Revolution (GMR) sinks its teeth into the soft underbelly of a decadent and lost America.

The cycles of history always repeat and the people, as a whole, seem to never learn their lessons. There will always be those who are willing to stand for truth and justice and for the character traits that propelled their nation to greatness but it is never enough to overcome the trend that all civilizations eventually follow. These people are marginalized, branded as old fashioned, racist, misogynistic or archaic and their appeals to the country to find its lost soul will fall on deaf ears. We need these patriots to stand and continue the fight, if not for the continued survival of the country then for its reconstitution and return to greatness after the inevitable collapse occurs.

America will eventually recover and rebuild though it may look very differently than it does today. Eventually the perpetrators of the great crimes against her will eventually meet their ugly end as justice is rendered and we rebuild our civilization in the 2030s or beyond.  All Patriots who love their country and want to preserve its unique culture and traditions must stay strong, stay committed and not give up the fight for what is right and what made America the great country that it was able to become.  We may have years of hard times ahead of us but the those of us who continue to stand against the corrupt forces of the political left will eventually make America great again.

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