For Whom the Bell Tolls

… any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee. 

from the poem “No Man Is An Island,” by John Donne

The Globalist-Marxist Revolution (GMR) is about to shift into overdrive – beyond the extraordinarily harsh lockdowns of schools, businesses and churches; beyond the censorship and silencing of conservative voices calling for critical thinking, a return to traditional values and the principles that made America the greatest country on earth; beyond the masking (read: muzzling) of free human activity and speech; beyond the brainwashing of our youth to behave as entranced acolytes of a Satanic secret society – screaming the insane mantras of Black Lives Matter or ANTIFA in everyone’s face as they harass the innocent, the peaceful, the elderly, the disabled, the young and all of the free who do not want to live as slaves under their oppressive rule. The useful idiots of the “progressive” left are leading us down the garden path to the total enslavement of humanity under a fascist and ever-lasting technocratic yoke.

While this agenda has been in play for decades, a mere fifteen years ago no one much, except the few that have studied the very real conspiracies of history, would have thought this possible yet now the only people waking up to this reality are those who realize that freedom is fleeting. They want to remain free and protect their families and their country from the tyranny and oppression of the globalist lunatics that are driving humanity into oblivion. How sad it is, then, that large swaths of the world’s (and America’s) population continue to submit, to kneel before the altar of destruction, and even demand their own enslavement? Those demanding the enslavement of the world include the Leftist “progressive” shock troops who are preparing to take the fight to the next level as they lay “siege” to the White House starting September 17, 2020.  America’s 2020 elections are on November 3rd and by November 5th we may be borrowing lyrics from Britain’s poem on the infamous Gunpowder Plot, written to memorialize Guy Fawkes plan to blow up Parliament.

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!

Washington D.C. and many other American cities may go up in in flames by November 5th or soon thereafter as the GMR goes into full insurrection after the re-election of President Trump. If Trump is not reelected the path to tyranny will be even quicker and the last remnants of our free society will be gone in less than a year. Deep State traitors in our government are determined to take America down. The time that we now live in may be the last time to save our country – a country where our freedoms are almost gone already. Are there enough people who love freedom that are willing to fight for it?  We shall see.

The GMR in America has already has gone hot with violence proliferating across the country – in cities, towns and even suburbs as police departments are defunded, police are prosecuted for merely doing their jobs, and businesses, churches, and personal property are burned and looted while innocent people are casually murdered by the useful idiots of the progressive left. Those same idiots, when arrested, are set free by Liberal prosecutors who openly say they will not be charged for their crimes. You can be certain that foreign agents seeking our demise are among the insurgents committing these violent acts and they are being funded by big Globalist money. We are warning the public that the violence is just beginning. If they have to unleash the power of large explosives, improvised explosive devices, grenades, and even missiles to push their plot forward they will do it. Prepare for extraordinary violence and horrific scenes well beyond what we’ve seen so far to become a reality in America. Everyone must be mentally prepared for the ensuing carnage.

As we’ve explained before, the extremist groups destroying our country are being flooded with foreign money, being trained by professional saboteurs and have fully embraced the doctrine of communism. Many of them operate with a degree of sophistication that demonstrates professional training, notwithstanding the snowflakes among them who are only strong when in a mob.

We know foreign personnel assets are operating in our large cities and towns and we have reason to believe that they are stashing caches of weapons and other supplies to be used in terrorist acts as they lay siege to our country. The masses will continue to be misled by the propagandists in the mainstream media as they embark on one of the greatest propaganda campaigns in history, enticing a dumbed-down public to think that conservatives and patriots are behind the destruction of their own country that they love.  Ask yourself: who loves America and who hates it?  Who has been calling for violence and destruction and who has demanded that it stop? Who calls the destroyers of our civilization “peaceful protestors” and who calls them what they are – rioters? The people who love America are not the ones tearing it down and assaulting innocent people. This should be obvious to everyone but the power of the mainstream media to deceive the weak-minded among us is powerful and cannot be understated.

There is an expression that the first casualty of any war is the truth and we can see that this is the case. The media and our education systems, through years of infiltration and subversion, have nearly 50% of our country hating themselves, their own culture and even our greatest traditions and freedoms.  This is the GMR’s goal and as in every communist revolution, the past must be destroyed and replaced with a new reality, history, system and culture.  The fact that the progressives don’t care whether they are tearing down a statue of Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln or Frederick Douglass is proof of this.  They are even attacking Betsy Ross’ legacy, looking to rename every street named after a historical figure and will, if permitted, cancel every vestige of our history.  They have somehow convinced the masses to believe that this is all in the name of “social justice” and the fact that you can get a degree in social justice is quite telling. Social justice is a Marxist term that is used to destroy history and culture in order to replace it with what the communists also call “the new normal”. These terms floating around our schools and media programs are straight from the communist playbook.

Those people who have signed on to the social justice agenda may not have realized what they have gotten us all in to but in time they will as many will suffer greatly from the chaos and others may not make it out of this alive. Some committed to the social justice agenda out of manipulated feelings of guilt, some for a desire to create what they thought would be a fairer society and some straight out of evil intent.  Those who thought they were doing good works by embracing this have been simply duped by the media and they need to wake up to reality.  They have been used and manipulated on the grandest scale and are completely lost.

There are certain steps that you must take now if you intend to survive the coming apocalypse but remember, we are all in this together and you cannot lose your humanity. The dark forces of Marxism are the savage forces that seek to enslave us. Always choose the path of justice and light but that path always has and always will include the right to fight aggressively for freedom and the defense of the innocent.  If you have to commit acts of violence to protect yourself, your family, or others from criminals, terrorists or other actors seeking to do you physical harm, you are justified in doing so as this will be in furtherance of the cause of human liberty and self-defense. Communism is the antithesis of liberty – so if they come after you to do physical harm you have to let them have it and let them have it with all you’ve got. Do not lay down or kneel for these people because laying down and kneeling will lead to your demoralization and ultimately to your demise. Submitting to them only emboldens them and makes them stronger and you weaker. It’s like training a dog to sit. It is far better for you to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

So what are the steps you must take now? First, you must get vocal and very loud against the politicians, police, or administrators who are selling you out as explained in the All American Podcast Episode 26.  You must stand up and be counted and do not be silent. Being a part of the so-called “silent majority” fixes absolutely nothing. Tyrants do not respond to silence and only see it as a sign of weakness. You must make it known to your politicians and other communist collaborators that you do not accept their arbitrary rule and that you will never support them for their crimes and then you must proceed to vote these people out of office at the next election. If your mayor, county commissioner, governor or any other representative or government technocrat has forced you out of business and into a face muzzle, why on earth would you vote him or her back into office? It’s now or never because they have already fully indoctrinated two full generations (the Millennials and Generation Z) of young people (plus large segments of the Baby Boomers and Generation X) and now those young people are doing their evil bidding – and with pleasure.

While you’re at it you must educate your family and friends on the evils of communism.  No free society has ever been able to remain free under communism and it is clear that your standard of living will utterly collapse under such a system. Get used to food shortages, poor infrastructure, and a third world standard of living.

Second, you must do business with those who support the freedom agenda and stop doing business with those seeking to enslave you.  Why line their pockets with money when they’re just going to turn around and use that money against you? Those who support you need your financial support in return.  Money and other assets must circulate among free people. Stop sending your hard earned dollars to those who intend to use that money to lock you up.

Third, you must stock up quickly on essential supplies.  Most people only have three more paychecks until the 2020 elections. Spend wisely on essential supplies and do not spend one penny on frivolities.  Your money needs to go into food, medical, hygiene, self-defense, and communication supplies. How much money will you have available to spend on these items in the next three paychecks if you keep blowing your cash on useless junk or distractions? Also, you need to connect with like-minded and well supplied allies immediately – you need to be part of a self-defense group. Do not wait until this powder keg explodes to start looking for allies and team mates who can help you through this dark time. Once that happens people who don’t know you will be reluctant to trust you.

Fourth, you must be physically, mentally and spiritually prepared for what’s coming.  If you can get clean and healthy and abandon any ill habits you have such as alcohol or drug abuse, now is the time to do it.  This is also a perfect time to do a total body cleanse, get your dental work done, take care of any pressing medical issues and get in shape. You can get in shape rather rapidly if you follow our advice here. Do it now. Time is running out. Spiritually speaking, you must be grounded and clear and know that the cause of freedom is always just. Those who seek to enslave us are doing the bidding of the dark side and know that light will always overcome darkness so they will only prevail if you submit. Don’t give in and if you are a person of faith, you will be relying on it more than ever in these times. Take time now to pray and prepare yourself for the dark times ahead. Your spiritual preparedness is the greatest asset that you will ever have.

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