Being Physically Prepared for the Fallout Ahead

It’s not necessary to recount how physically unfit and unprepared many Americans are in general, much less fit to deal with the coming hard times we’re going to experience in the coming years as the country splits apart, supply chains break down and personal finances go bust on a broad scale.  Everyone understands that there is a need to ramp up one’s health and fitness yet few no how to do it effectively. Here we’ll talk about ways you can rapidly get into good shape and while it takes will power and commitment to achieve good results, if you do commit to following this advice for a month you’ll likely see fairly rapid results and will find it easy to adjust to new your new habits in that month long period. One way to ensure you stay committed to improving your health is to track your adherence to the steps below on a calendar.  Write down your plan on a calendar that you can’t avoid looking at and each day or two check off whether you followed the plan or not. Being able to see what you’ve done, or failed to do, is more useful than many people think.  Write it down. With that said, here are the steps to improving your health and fitness in a relatively short amount of time.

First, if you are overweight you should know that the human body will always focus on burning sugars and carbohydrates before it turns to burning fat. Always and without exception. That means, particularly if you do not have a strong metabolism, seriously cutting out sugar and carbs from your diet, or if you are unwilling to do that, then dramatically reducing them to around 15-20 grams per day, allowing you to start burning stored fat and losing weight.  Remember, it’s not about counting calories it’s really about the nature of the calories you’re burning and if your body is focused on burning pasta, bread and beer every day you’re never going to lose weight unless you’re an athlete or gym rat who trains intensely every day.

Many people who have cut bread, pasta, beer and other similar carbohydrates out of their diets have seen immediate results within a week or so, even while leaving themselves one night a week for indulging – a cheat night so to speak – where you can have whatever you want without going overboard, of course.  A cheat night is recommended so you reward yourself for a great week of healthy eating and don’t go crazy from a lack of variety in your diet – even though you can have a lot of variety on the two diets that are best for losing weight – the ketogenic diet and the paleo diet.

Ketogenic diets are incredibly effective and very fast working because they eliminate sugar and carbs and replace them with healthy fats and proteins.  This may sound strange but the body is better adapted to burning dietary fats and proteins than sugars and carbs so long as the body isn’t overloaded with carbs. The body is designed to burn these macronutrients with great efficiency so switching to a keto diet will yield rapid results – even with that cheat night.  The Paleo Diet is similar to the keto diets in cutting out sugars and carbs but it focuses more on proteins than fats since it is designed to mimic the eating of foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate. Those who want to lose weight quickly should look into these two diets and choose the one that suits them best. You will see results if you follow either diet correctly and you will be surprised at the variety of meals available from online and magazine resources and how good they really taste. We’re not talking about eating boiled meat here. Additionally, these diets will have incredible impacts on your gut health and immune system so that is yet another reason to shift to them and away from grains, flours, and other carbs.

Second, to survive the hard times ahead you’ll want to be physically strong.  There are a number of states where governors have shut down gyms and fitness centers but don’t worry, there are plenty of highly effective exercise regimens you can do at home and with or without weights. Below are links to some outstanding exercise routines on YouTube.  I suggest you find some you like, fire up your laptop or iPad in whatever room you like to exercise in and do these exercises three times per week, say Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while ensuring you give yourself Saturday and Sunday off to recover, for example.

These exercises are chosen because they use a technique called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which are short and intense in duration, extremely effective in building your heart and other muscles while stimulating your body and growth hormone, unlike long distance cardio training, to preserve muscle mass and also burn fat for up to 36 hours after you complete the routine. They require nothing more than your own body weight – except for the kettlebell routine which require you order a kettlebell. A kettlebell is an investment that I highly recommend. With HIIT workouts you can rapidly improve strength and get fit with workouts that last between 6 minutes and 30 minutes in duration.  You don’t need to waste time on a treadmill for 45 minutes. You can get massively effective workout in just 10 minutes. For all of these exercise routines linked below, when it comes to doing push-ups feel free to do them on your knees if you have to go to your knees for any duration of time.  The key is to keep moving for each interval even if you’re going slowly.  Don’t worry, over time you’ll get better, stronger and faster and will be able to do more and more off of your knees than on your knees. Without further ado:

Funk Roberts – Killer 10 Minute Fat Burning Bodyweight Workout – trying doing two to three rounds of this or workout up to three rounds if you can.

Dr. Axe – How to Do Burst Training Transformation – when it’s time to do the Burpees in this video, if you can’t do them as fast as Dr. Axe, just drop to your hands at the start of the exercise with your knees close to your body, and then step one foot back at a time before getting up and repeating the exercise.

The Body Coach – HIIT Home Workout for Beginners – Simple and effective and excellent for beginners.

BodyFit by Amy – 25 Minute Kettlebell Tabata Workout for Fat Burning and Strength – An outstanding strength and muscle building and endurance routine that requires a kettlebell. A favorite of the author of this article. Amy is truly amazing and all of her workouts are top notch.

Third, you absolutely must supplement with high quality vitamins and minerals and this means staying away from brands that use low bioavailable synthetic compounds and focusing instead on brands that use real whole foods and unrefined minerals as the basis for their formulas.  The body will know what do with these vitamins when ingested as opposed to those made of synthetic chemicals which will be excreted with minimal value to your health. Several brands at your local health food store provide very high quality and bioavailable vitamins. We urge you to do your own research and look into making these supplements are part of your daily routine.

There you have it.  Three simple ways to get control of your health quickly, become fit and strong and maintain your health through the hard times to come.  There is only one more thing to add at this point and that is to ensure you have a very high quality water filter and stay fully hydrated. Hydration will help you flush years of toxins out of your body, provide your cells with the energy they need to operate optimally and keep your organs working at peak performance. Never forget to hydrate – with clean, filtered, life giving and sustaining water.

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