Arming Up for Anarchy

So this is it. We’re in the terminal flight stage leading up to the impact of the 2020 elections and that impact promises to be highly explosive. Things are really heating up and becoming intense in the late stages of September, 2020 with increasing violence, moves by cities like Minneapolis to defund police departments, and the full scale economic collapse in the business districts of cities like Portland, New York and Seattle. In fact, the chaos in the three aforementioned cities is so bad, no thanks to the complete negligence of their mayors and state governors, that rioters, looters, arsonists and insurgents are running the streets and terrorizing people with impunity at restaurants, on the streets, in their cars and even in their homes – with mobs clad in black waking up many in the dead of night with threats of violence and property crimes blaring through vehicle mounted loudspeakers and megaphones while their minions in tow dance, shout and scream to the sky in support of the cause of destruction. The violence is even being supported or ignored by the mayors of those cities. It has become so horribly bad that the Department of Justice has formally designated those cities as having local governments that are permitting anarchy.

Adding to the chaos we have the death of the late Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg -a hero to the “progressive” left whose death, to the leftists, justifies even more chaos. The left rejects any candidate who would hold our government to operate within its constitutional restraints, instead demanding a Justice who will cancel the individual liberties guaranteed by our Constitution in support of communist collectivism, the elimination of private property and enterprise, and the redistribution of society’s wealth from the productive to the unproductive. Hence, the seating of any Supreme Court Justice who holds our constitution in high esteem, prior to the elections (which the democrats fully intend to steal and challenge if they can’t steal), will be met with more violence. In America’s biggest and most liberal cities there will not be any way for you to stop the violence. You have to make a point to avoid it. If you are unable to avoid it you need to be prepared to defend yourself though we must point out that those defending themselves from grievous bodily harm and even death in liberal cities risk being locked in prison by liberal prosecutors who see their jobs as to protect the communist mobs in furtherance of the globalist attack on our country. Those who defend themselves against the terror will be guilty of not submitting to it. We’ve already seen this scenario play out in many cities across the country. Liberal prosecutors will consider you the criminal for defending yourself.

We therefore urge everyone who can relocate to do so now and we urge you to listen to our podcast Episode 25 to learn how you can find a job, a house and get help moving to a conservative state and town. For those of you who can’t relocate, conflict avoidance is the message we want you to embrace but if push comes to shove, you have the right to defend yourself. Check your local self-defense laws, investigate your local sheriff or police chief so you know what to expect if you are apprehended after an altercation in which you had to defend yourself from extremist aggression, but even more importantly, find out who your prosecutor is so you know if they will turn on you and abandon the principles of self-defense by prosecuting the victim as we’ve seen in Kenosha, Wisconsin and St. Louis, Illinois, just to name a couple of places.

If you subscribe to our newsletter (you can sign up on the right side of our blog page), you know that we warned long ago of gun and ammunition shortages and those shortages are here. The shortages will probably get worse leading up to the elections so now is the time to make your purchases if you can. We recommend each responsible, law abiding and able-bodied adult in your household house purchase a handgun and a semi-automatic rifle. At least one person in the household should also have a shotgun with both buckshot (lethal to humans) and bird shot (typically not lethal to humans but it will hurt). These three firearms will provide you with the ability to effectively defend yourself if trouble comes knocking at your door but there are a three basic things you need to know.

First, training with your firearm is essential and the clock is ticking. Watching YouTube videos isn’t sufficient to learn how to properly employ and manage your guns so if you can get into a class do it now. You’ll need to know how to properly load, store, unload, clean and engage targets with your gun and you’ll also need to make sure you’re getting the right kind of ammunition.

Second, if trouble does come to your door do not leave your house to engage said trouble from your front porch or back yard. You’ll only be inviting more trouble, especially if the mob decides to turn around and come back for you later. Your job is to find a secure defensive position in your house or somewhere on your property that offers some cover and concealment and to use violence only when there is no other option to protecting your family and property. If rioters break down your door or fire bomb your house, you should be looking to vigorously defend yourself.

Third, make sure that you call the police when trouble comes to your house, vehicle or your person. Get 911 on the phone and let them know you’re being attacked and fear for your life. If in your house or car, call (or have someone else call) and put the phone down next to you on speaker phone and be prepared to act as necessary.

Finally, get your body armor while supplies last. This could be a game changer in saving yourself and your family from the extremist violence to come. It won’t be long before these supplies run out as well so don’t delay. In the words of the great Roman historian Sallust, “every man is the architect of his own fortune.”

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