Future Shock – America’s Dystopian Society Emerges

It has become abundantly clear in the last few weeks that the Coronavirus “Pandemic” is a staged and thoroughly manipulated event that is being used to usher in the New World Order (NWO).  The NWO, of course, is a global governance structure which will impose a dystopian Marxist-Communist existence on the bulk of humanity while the very few who run the system, as in all Communist regimes, live as the rich and famous do today with no restrictions whatsoever on their life, liberty, health or property. The world’s peons, which will soon include everyone from the poor to the upper middle class, will be deprived of life, liberty, health and property as they are stripped of their livelihood and control over their own bodies, and forced to eke out meager serf-like existence while struggling for the most basic of needs after having been forcibly crammed into small Soviet style apartments in the depths of newly emerging technocrat run megacities.   That, at least is the future for those who survive the chaos that kicked off with the 2020 Summer of Rage. Many may be lost as the population begins to rapidly decline as a result of war, famine and disease

Whether or not Donald J. Trump wins the presidency in November, 2020, the chaos will continue.  If he wins the election, the fight to keep America as a sovereign nation in the hands of its free, individual-liberty loving people will continue and this war to destroy the country, perpetrated by the insurgent Globalist-Communists may come to an end during his last term in office. It won’t be because the insurgents lay down their arms, however.  If Trump wins the election, look for the insurgency to go fully hot with a massive outbreak of violence including shootings, improvised explosive devices, kidnappings, arson, political gridlock, economic sabotage and more widespread rioting. The Globalists are determined to bring America to its knees and will up the ante soon after Trump is reelected.

If Trump loses, America as we know it will be destroyed and you will find yourself becoming either an oppressed, nameless, faceless peon in a fully dystopian world, a prisoner in a Communist re-education camp where regime acolytes will brutalize you until you accept “the new normal” or a rebel – whether in the megacity underground or, hopefully for you, out in the rural areas which will not so easily submit to the coming authoritarianism. The break-up of America is starting to look more probable than possible in this scenario and being in a rural area is going to be critical for survival.

The storm is indeed here as the “useful idiots” known as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, the shock troops for the Communist Revolution, are continuing the violence while treasonous politicians in America’s largest and bluest cities and states let the chaos reign. They are permitting violence to spread throughout cities and into the suburbs and are refusing to prosecute those committing some of the most violent domestic acts this country has seen as shootings, bombings, stabbings, arsons, vandalism, rapes, robberies, home invasions, car jackings and extortion proliferate. Petty criminals are jumping in on the act as they realize that the Police have been castrated by mayors in Democrat run cities and those cities are becoming hell holes.

Murder rates are up dramatically in practically every big city. Murders are up from 10 – 50% year-over-year in Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, St. Louis, and Miami.New York City’s murder rate has increased 133% year over year.It is not just a coincidence that Democrats run nearly all of the major cities where crime rates are absolutely exploding because they are in on the plot and are inviting the chaos. We have learned that murder rates haven’t gone this bad this fast since the late 1960s and we’re on track to beat any and all records set for crime waves. The Minneapolis Star Tribune has even reported that more people have been killed in Minneapolis by July, 2020 than were killed in all of 2019. All the while the mainstream media and politicians on the left keep referring to the riots and gangland style violence as “peaceful protests”.

This Globalist financed and sponsored violence is now spreading out to the suburban areas and this is why we believe, and reiterate, that patriotic Americans need to leave urban and suburban areas for exurban and rural areas and consolidate there – in numbers. As an example of the spreading chaos, just recently hundreds of New Yorkers marched through the very wealthy Hamptons last week demanding that Governor Andrew Cuomo raise the taxes of the area’s wealthy vacationers. Threats to take things to the suburbs have gone beyond just talk.

On the economic front, things are deteriorating rapidly and the return of some businesses to 50% capacity isn’t going to mean a recovery. Profit margins are small enough in normal times but now they have evaporated for many, particularly in the restaurant, travel and hospitality industries with hotels, bars, cruise lines, airlines and other associated businesses losing billions of dollars. At -32.9% annualized, 2020’s second quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) just plunged by the most on record, surpassing the previous biggest drop of -10% hit in 1958. This is catastrophic. To top this off, a total of 54.13 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits for the first time since the pandemic lockdowns began – a number that equalsover 330 layoffs for every COVID death in America – and 2.5 times more than the 22.1 million during the great financial crisis or 2009.

2020’s business closures have been demoralizing for many but the extent of the damage has been papered over by economic relief with our government flooding the economy with borrowed money to keep businesses and citizens financially afloat. This is unsustainable and is positively going to destroy confidence in and the value of the U.S. Dollar, eventually leading to high inflation or even hyper-inflation in the coming months and years. You need to ensure you have your lifeboat now.

We’ve done our research and surveyed some of the brightest (and consistently correct) financial minds about the state of the economy and America’s financial condition and what they are consistently saying is that everyone should get some precious metals into their portfolio as soon as possible. With gold prices surging above $2,000 for the first time in history, we don’t know when it will be too late to get in. We do know that silver remains affordable but silver prices are rapidly escalating as well.

So what are the brightest financial minds saying? Here’s a summary from those who we believe to be the most reliable sources in the financial world. We’ll provide greater detail on this to our subscribers in an upcoming email.

  • $5000 Gold and $200 Silver are coming.
  • Gold can trade well into five digits with a long-term target in the $20,000 area or higher.
  • The markets are finished and we’re going to have a worldwide depression. Gold will be above $3,000 by October 2020 and a new gold financial system begins in April 2021.
  • Gold will go to $10k an ounce and silver will follow in its footsteps.

These forecasts claim that as soon as this October we could enter a new bull market for gold that could go as high as $20,000 per ounce.  It may seem crazy but this information is coming from sources that we vetted and have found to be routinely accurate in their prognostications.

When will this begin?  Well, the run-up has already begun but according to one very reliable financier things will really start to take off when the general public perceives there is a crisis with the government. We are not there yet but that moment is fast approaching. We believe that moment will come between September and the elections in November.  The walls of our civilization are crumbling and time to prepare is running out so get your supplies now and eliminate all unnecessary and discretionary spending. When you do spend we urge you to support small businesses and those who share the values of this country.  Do not put money into the pockets of those who would sell you out or enslave you. Patriots need to circulate money amongst themselves and not let the agents of evil siphon money off from local and patriotic communities. Embolden and support each other. We of similar mind are all we have in this war.

We urge our readers to keep preparing in earnest and to relocate to a more rural and conservative area if at all possible in order to be around other liberty minded individuals who want to resist the communist tyranny of the NWO. Your future depends on it.

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