A September to Remember

This is a warning. September, 2020 is going to be a memorable month that will become infamous in the annals of history as the assault on our Constitutional principles, heritage and culture begin to escalate through the elections in November and beyond. September is when things get ratcheted up as demonstrations, riots and physical assaults on freedom, property, business and culture explode across the country We’re are headed for a destructive confluence of political, social, financial and other events as new revelations prove that the conflict is not close to ending.  In fact, it’s just begun.

Many people are aware that the Globalist-Marxist Revolution (GMR) is being funded by the international elitists. Note that we designate them “elitists” because they subscribe to the doctrine of “elitism” which is the philosophy that says that they, as a select class of the ultra-wealthy who wield economic and political power over entire nations and groups of nations and hold the reigns of global finance must be and remain forever in charge of humanity. To achieve their goals they seek to destroy national borders, eliminate individual rights and control the all the world’s people, property and money. All of it. Make no mistake about it, the middle and lower class lackeys who are throwing tantrums, rioting, committing criminal acts of violence and waging an insurgency against America and its traditional values are fully owned and operated by these elitists – the very people that these lackeys should be fighting against but rational thought is not a trait to be found amongst these Leftists. They have been indoctrinated with irrational rage are mind-controlled pawns in an unholy game. They seek to destroy all that is good about our country on behalf of their diabolical benefactors. They do not see with open eyes.

So how exactly do things get turned up come September?  It all begins with a new assault on our political system as voter fraud via mail-in ballots which many states will begin sending out to “voters” in the middle of September. With unconstitutional “stay at home orders” being enforced by Oath breaking police and sheriff’s departments across the country it is clear that these ballots will be at the center of a massive voter fraud campaign as physical polling places are never opened and for those that are open many people will be illegally blocked from visiting them due to fraudulent public health concerns. The key, however, will be the fake ballots.

We already know that computer voting fraud is real and has changed votes in favor of favored liberal candidates on several occasions. We also know that vote rigging by mail in ballot is real and already occurring across America. We’ve already seen a number of liberal politicians, judges, agency administrators and attorneys across the country caught for ballot stuffing and bribery to further voter fraud in favor of the Democrats and at the end of July a cache of 20,000 fake drivers licenses, freshly imported from China, was intercepted at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. These licenses were not sent here so 19 year olds could go to the bar and drink. These licenses were to perpetrate human trafficking and voter fraud plain and simple. So what is the goal of all this fraud?  It’s to elect the Biden-Harris ticket to the executive branch of our government.

The elitists are determine to ensure that Senators Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, both puppets for the GMR, are elected President and Vice President, respectively, with Harris ready to assume the reigns of the presidency not long after inauguration. With Joe Biden’s decrepit mental condition this has to be the outcome.  He won’t finish his first term in office and then Harris will become president. A politician like Harris, who has a major lust for power yet no morals to speak of while clinging to double standards of the highest order, would be putty in the hands of the elitists. She’d be fully ready to tear down the walls of our great country and civilization in order to be appointed a low level administrator in the New World Order.

The second part of this assault on our country, beyond the 4 year-long campaign to destroy the Trump presidency, is a renewed physical assault on the White House itself. Many may recall that during the height of the fully manipulated George Floyd riots, Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of Washington D.C. and a raging leftist collaborator for the GMR, urged that the security fencing around the White House be torn down. This was so that the rioters, again paid in full by their elitist controllers, could assault the White House and burn it down to the ground to force a full scale revolution similar to what we witnessed in Ukraine when the Obama administration worked with international financier and GMR elitist George Soros to fund and arm the Maiden Square Orange Revolution to take down the duly elected government of Ukraine.

We now know that an event called the #WhiteHouseSiege is slated to kick off on September 17, 2020 and run through the election – at least. Do not be surprised if the shock troops showing up to surround the White House are armed with more than just baseball bats and knives.  We’ve already seen these groups deploy guns and explosives at riots in Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Portland and we expect that they will be provided with improvised explosive devices, long range rifles and grenades this time around. Look for the violence to continue into residential areas and into the suburbs and for the attacks to become more horrific with time. If President Trump is reelected, Washington D.C. will be razed to the ground. It is important to note that over the last several months someone or some group or organization was strategically placing pallets of bricks near riot areas so that rioters could use them to smash windows of businesses and residences.  This time they will be providing more than just bricks and you can bet that agitators from outside of the country are a part of their ranks. Third, the Coronavirus Pandemic is a fully orchestrated event has been thrust upon us to destroy the global economy so the GMR’s Great Reset can be implemented and the NWO can be fully and formally unveiled.  The NWO will eventually, through medical tyranny and forced vaccination, war, migration economic collapse and destruction of the food supply, substantially reduce the world’s population and look to enslave those who survive and are unable to continue the fight for freedom.  We point you to the April, 2020 Rockefeller Foundation document that rolls out one of the plans for restricting your freedom and tracking you under the guise of public health concerns.  It’s fascinating that this document was produced for the public in April, 2020.  From our knowledge of how these papers get published we believe it was drafted months prior to this before the pandemic was even a thought. We urge everyone to review the document in our X FILES page as they reveal the mechanisms of power that the elitists do not want you to be aware of. So many Americans have already willingly and submissively given up their freedoms to unlawful executive orders that have no real force of law and they did it without question and without so much as a whimper.  The elitists now know how easy it is to enslave you.

The fourth part of the GMR that will unfold beginning in September are the x-factors. These are both the collateral damage that will spiral out of the aforementioned three parts of this GMR as well as more dramatic and catastrophic events that are known to the powers that be but yet to be unveiled to the public at large. These are events which the public will be in complete shock and awe of witnessing. They will be horrifying and awe-inspiring surprises that may cause the hearts of the weary to fail. Many, however, will be so absorbed by the events of the coming months and so many will be locked on the hellish minutia of the daily chaos happening in front of us that they will forget that there is a much bigger picture to see and that they have to look up every once in a while to see it. Our advice to anyone willing to listen is that you have to look up every once in a while. Prepare now.

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