The Golden Dawn of a New Era

The world economy is facing a massive collapse and as we explained in our blogpost The Great Reset is a Con, powerful forces are using current health, political, social and economic turmoil to restructure the way the world works under an oppressive global governance system. It will be oppressive because the plutocrats in charge have already let us know in no uncertain terms that they know what is best for us, will be the ones who decide the terms of our existence and they have already determined what the future will look like – your input is not required, necessary nor will it be accepted.

This future is a world that is even more digitally interconnected because it is a world in which cash is outlawed and block-chain technology, like that used in the crypto-currencies known as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, is put to use in a new government created and mandated crypto-currency that will in all likelihood be the replacement for the U.S. Dollar as the global reserve currency. All of your money, spending, fees, income, earnings, profits, taxes and gifts will be electronically tracked and the government will eventually have the power to shut down your access to these currencies.

Have you been an ungrateful subject of the New World Order?  Well then, you won’t be able to make any purchases for the next 3 months – your access to the currency will be turned off.  Did you make a mistake on your carbon tax return?  No worries, the government will just take it out of your account when they want it regardless of your plans or available financial resources. Did you make an unauthorized purchase of meat in excess of government rules? No problem, we’ll make sure that next time you are unable to pay for anything that the supermarket scanner shows is animal protein. Fail to get your government mandated vaccines? Oh well, the government will make sure you can’t buy a plane ticket or book a hotel reservation. This, friends, is the dystopian future that awaits us. It is a cashless society where all of your financial resources are tracked, controlled, governed and known to the government.  It is a system that the masses will no doubt embrace whole-heartedly as they have already been completely brainwashed into thinking that cash is bad because it transmit viruses like the coronavirus. It is a system that thrives on the ignorance and intellectually deficient people. It is a system that will require you to exchange your freedom for a false sense of security.

It is also a system that the government can manipulate and shut down in an instant on a personal, regional or global level. China has already shutdown accounts for Bitcoin users in 2020, erasing the notion that electronic crypto-currencies are untouchable, and there is evidence that crypto-currencies were in fact created by a U.S. intelligence agency.  Regardless of who created it, we know it can be controlled and even shutdown by the government and if you are forced into electronic currencies you are much more controllable by the powers that be than if you have separate asset classes you can use, trade or barter. This new system is about control and exploitation of the commoner. This is what is waiting for us on the other side of this civilizational cataclysm we are now enduring.

Regardless as to when they roll this system out, precious metals may be the one asset class that could insulate you from government abuse. In the case that the government uses precious metals to back or support the new currency, as in a new gold standard so to speak, any investment or purchase you make today may be of substantial benefit to you later by preserving your wealth as the U.S. Dollar implodes and begins to lose value.  There is no guarantee this will happen but it is a strong possibility given the fact that the government has decided to print as much money as is necessary to save the assets owned by the super-rich. It is a strong possibility given that money is being freely printed in order to protect the bankruptcy of thousands of businesses across the country. It is a strong possibility because the Federal Reserve has eliminated the reserve requirements of American banks leading to a looming loss of confidence in the dollar. Given these strong possibilities, gold and silver might end up being the ultimate move to protect your savings as we move towards a global monetary system.

If the government does not back its new currency with gold or any other precious metal, owning these metals will make sense for conducting business in the underground economy – the alternative free market – that will undoubtedly materialize in a world where the government tries to control everything and people are looking for ways to conduct business and acquire products and services under the radar.  Gold is real money and is a traditional protector of wealth with a very long history as such. Precious metals will continue to add years, decades, and centuries to the already 5,000 year history they have as money and people will recognize them as such no matter the propaganda campaign to discredit them. Recent crises in Zimbabwe and Venezuela have been textbook case studies on the demand for gold during economic collapse. Gold and silver are private and secure forms of money that will allow new free communities to thrive and be independent of the electronic control grid.

Finally, because gold and silver have important industrial and medical uses there will always be some demand for them and therefore value associated with them.  The inherent value they have for their industrial and medical uses is substantially bolstered by the fact that it takes a great deal of time, energy and labor to mine, transport, process, and store these metals, not to mention in some instances the cost of manufacturing derivative products like coins, solar panels and computer components. These expenses are essential parts of the cost of precious metals.

Precious metals aren’t going to disappear and their value is expected by many to escalate in dramatic fashion in the coming months and years. While their value may fluctuate the trend is clearly upwards so it just may be a good idea to set some of your money aside to purchase some gold or silver for yourself, your family and your posterity to protect you from the looming devaluation of the dollar. Prices may soon be out of reach so evaluate this option, discuss it with the people you love and trust and if you decide it’s the right thing for you you’d better get in on it before it’s too expensive to acquire. We recommend you take a good look at Goldmoney since it is a company that allows you to buy and store precious metals in reputable privately run vaults of your choice. Vaults exist in Europe, Asia and North America so you get to take your pick and keep some of your savings outside of the United States if that is what you prefer to do.

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