Free Americans and the Patriot Relocation Program

Americans are facing an ever ballooning economic, political, and cultural crisis of epic proportions as we head into this generation’s Fourth Turning. A Fourth Turning is the end of a generational cycle, comprised of four “turns” (a high, an awakening, an unraveling, and a crisis) that take place over an approximate 80 to 100 year period, that is marked by a crisis which is essentially a collapse of faith in culture, society, and institutions. It is a collapse that is marked by conflict whether that conflict takes the shape of a stock market crash, a cultural revolution or a war. The authors of the 1997 book by the same name indicated that a Fourth Turning would begin around 2008 or 2009 and lo and behold, we had the Great Recession of 2008 kick this 20 year period off in spectacular fashion  – as predicted.  If that was the start of the crisis, then we’d expect things to climax through and after the 2020 elections, and for the implosion of our society to be complete by 2029. How it ultimately ends is anyone’s guess because Fourth Turnings can end well or end badly. It appears this one will end badly.

Things will likely end badly because some crises are bigger, more pervasive and more violent than others and to a large degree it appears that the severity and the outcome depend on whether other cycles – economic, financial, cultural, war, business, political, climate, etc.) happen to strike at the same time. It is clear we are living in a time when all of these cycles are striking simultaneously through at least 2025. Let’s look at the cycles that are converging now.First, we have the collapse of the American economy and standard of living due to unfair trade agreements made by politicians and business elitists who sold out American industry and the American worker in exchange for larger profits and global influence. Along with this goes a complex network of taxes, fees, rules, regulations, audits, and arbitrary law enforcement making it impossible for many people to live their lives without government harassment, particularly at the state level. Second is a financial crisis, the great Recession, that blew up in 2008 and that has never been and never will be resolved until the nasty final solution called The Great Reset is forced on all of us. Third is a Marxist style Cultural Revolution that takes inspiration from communist revolutionaries in China in the 1960 and 1970s. This revolution is firmly pushed by corrupt politicians who despise individual liberty and freedom and want all of the American people under the yoke of communism (and under their total control); the media-entertainment complex which sells the communist agenda to an ever dumbed-down public fascinated with popular culture, celebrities, banal social justice movements, and clarion calls to sign up the youth in movements promising to “change the world” for the better; and education institutions that program the Marxist agenda into the malleable and feeble minds of the young from birth until they are college mis-educated  – to the point that they demand their own victim status and perpetual enslavement at the same time.

Fourth we have a War on Terror that the neoliberals and neoconservatives refuse to end while they simultaneously foment growing tensions with China and Russia – tensions that may culminate in a global conflict to be known as World War III. Fifth is the collapse of business, especially small businesses which employ a full 60% of the American people, and a dramatic rise in unemployment levels greater than the Great Depression of 1929 – all because some authoritarian governors and mayors decided they could rule by fiat and shut down businesses at their command over a virus that has a mortality rate equal to the seasonal flu. Wait for the second wave.  It may be a re-fake or maybe they release a real virus this time. They’ll do anything to get the population to submit and to be reduced to a more manageable number. Sixth, we have in the Democrats a political party that has done everything in its power to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States, spending inordinate amounts of money and time on false allegations, investigations, impeachment proceedings, hearings, and propaganda with the collusion of their partners in crime in the mainstream media and the entertainment complex, not to mention their not-so-subtle support of riots and violence under the cover of legal protest. We also have a good number of Republicans, scared of being called racist, refusing to stand up against the madness that has been imposed on all of us by the lunatic Democrats and their shock troops n ANTIFA. Seventh, is the failure of crops due to climate extremes and declining solar activity resulting from the Grand Solar Minimum into which we have entered. This is a period of very low solar activity which will cause greater crop failures and changing weather patterns for years to come, resulting in food shortages and price inflation. So with all this in mind, what must Free Americans do to remain free and survive the Fourth Turning?

To survive, we have to respect the primary target of the globalists and relocate in numbers, to rural areas, with like-minded people to ensure we protect our lives, our prosperity and our posterity. America’s once great cities are the first target for this revolution.  As we explained in our blog post entitled “Time to Get Out of the Cities,” the centers of population and commerce are under assault now and are clearly the first to go down. America’s once great big cities are going to devolve into wastelands, die, and be rebuilt by the globalists as dystopian megacities into which they will force the huddled masses as their neo-feudal serfs. It is therefore recommended that patriotic Americans relocate, regroup, and connect with other Free Americans in what might be called a Patriot Relocation Program. Such a move would allow Free Americans to live in close proximity and network with one another in rural and exurban areas where they could raise their own food, conduct business together, secure their natural and constitutional rights, protect their families and traditional values, and provide for a common defense from the violent onslaught of the Globalist Marxist Revolution. To survive this, Free Americans – the Patriots who still adhere to the great principles of America’s founding – need to band together as tightly as possible and consolidate in those rural areas and keep their commerce within those communities – even if it means developing an alternative currency.  It’s the only way. To be caught in the city and expect to survive this revolution is foolhardy.  The violent Leftists will eat you alive because you are on their turf and few in number in their big cities and they have no tolerance for anyone that doesn’t kneel before them, submit to tyranny and recite their inane mantras. 

The big cities will have to be abandoned and left to the Marxists to burn, pillage and destroy. Relocate now if you can and claim your freedom as soon as possible because the great move is already happening and will over the course of the next five years. You should claim your rural property before the Leftists do because many of their elite class will eventually be looking to move to these places as well. Like locusts, Leftists move into to a conservative state, city, or town, completely destroy it with their vice, cultural perversion, government authoritarianism, high taxes, poor education (focusing on social justice rather than academics), and move on to the next place after completely devastating the previous one. Large numbers of Free Americans need to lock up available land and resources while there is a chance to bolster their numbers and protect the America we know and love while leaving the Marxists without a foothold to get into these beautiful places and ruin them.

People and businesses are now leaving the big cities in droves, looking for those suburban and rural spots.  Don’t let them move before you do.  Their infiltration will only lead to devastation.

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