Time to Get Out of the Cities

July 4th, our Independence Day is approaching and this is a time that we should all be proud of in reflecting on our unique history, country, culture and civilization even though the “progressives” would hold otherwise. Despite America’s evolution from being a slave trading British colony to a sovereign nation where opportunity is available to anyone who wants it, and despite the fact that Americans remain the freest people on earth – even in the face of Leftists and Anarchists (collectively we’ll call them “insurgents”) in government and on the streets who would take that freedom away. The insurgents want you to believe that America is only responsible for the murderous death, destruction, and oppression of its people as well as that of everyone else around the globe. To them, America has no redeeming characteristics or admirable qualities.  In their eyes, America is a system that must be destroyed.

The insurgents only see America’s offenses and refuse to acknowledge its greatest and most sacred traditions of individual liberty and economic opportunity for those who dare to work hard for what they want and follow their dreams. They refuse to acknowledge that it is their own nanny-state policies which are the greatest hindrance to opportunity and success and that their policies become even more harmful when combined with the mental barriers to success which they erect by convincing large swaths of young people that they are perpetual victims and therefore incapable of being successful. Leftists want you to believe that success comes from unwarranted privilege rather than from a strong work ethic and dedication to self-improvement. They also want you to believe that their own failures are not their fault. No one in the class of victims is responsible for their failures. Personal responsibility is not a thing with them. In essence, the story the Leftists push is a story of victimhood for all (non-white). So they hate the country, its people and its traditions because in their eyes these things represent oppression in every possible way. They can’t see any of the good of Independence Day because they would rather focus on the fact that in 1776 independence didn’t apply to everyone. They won’t accept that the foundation laid in 1776 would subsequently lead to all Americans, regardless of color, being the freest people on earth.  They would rather bury that important fact. They despise Independence Day and will likely use it as another opportunity to burn more buildings and tear down more historical statues. They want no reminders of America’s past no matter what.

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Progressives’ multi-generational campaign to paint America and its people as evil forces in the world has largely been successful. It’s been successful because a very loud minority has thus far unchecked power, i.e. substantial influence over our society that is far greater than the actual number of people holding that power. Progressive elitists, those in the highest echelon of Leftist political doctrine and money, are America’s new Politburo – a communist executive committee holding the reins of power over our political institutions and exercising that power arbitrarily, unethically and recklessly. They grabbed this power in a silent coup d’état. It’s operated in a shadow government that is an amalgamation of political and corporate interests and it’s surprising how effective they have become in controlling the demolition of this country and its value system.

This is because they executed a brilliant and diabolical plan and it has thus far, with the exception of the attempt to take down President Trump, worked to perfection. Liberal die-hards in the Baby Boomer generation embraced the doctrine of Cultural Marxism in the wake of World War II and it was those same die-hards that made it an absolute imperative to aggressively take control of America’s media, entertainment and education institutions in order to manipulate the public mind with a propaganda campaign that Edward Bernays would be jealous of. They effectively got the aforementioned institutions to condition a sizable segment of Generation X and what feels like nearly all Millennials and Generation Z to buy into the Marxist doctrine and submit to the dictates of the Politburo. They didn’t have to fire a shot.  They secured early victories by patiently manipulating the hearts and minds of the youth who would soon become adults, who would in turn willingly implement the Politburo’s plans – even if to their own detriment.

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These are the shock troops and, as Josef Stalin called young Communist revolutionaries, the useful idiots of the revolution and they are wreaking havoc in large cities across the country as they riot, burn down businesses and tear down statues which are part of America’s cultural and historical record. These people are at the same time the sheep and the fodder for the conflict erupting in our largest metropolitan areas. Conflict is erupting and now it is spreading towards the suburbs and it is a conflict that is becoming an armed one. It is a conflict that will soon consume what little remains of the national bonds that once unified us as a country and it will soon consume the sanity and soul of the revolutionaries as America’s economy implodes in spectacular fashion later this year and next. The term “Sheeple” comes to mind when thinking of these blindly bleating insurgents – a hybrid of people and sheep being guided to their eventual slaughter by those with the real power. Those with the real power are the globalists in the Politburo who work behind the scenes and are really in charge of this revolution. Will the sheeple realize they are the cause of their own demise?  Likely not.

Let there be no doubt that the Politburo’s sights are firmly set on America’s largest cities.  These are the easiest targets and where most of the political power, economic wealth, centers of commerce, and human resources are located. Once they own the cities they can take down the entire American economy but they can’t take down those committed to and able to live self-sufficient lifestyles in more rural areas.  Those in rural areas who have strong farming, gardening, animal husbandry, construction, carpentry, textile, mechanical and medical skills as well as strong values will be beyond their grasp and it will not be cost effective to try and control them. At some point they may bring the fight to the rural country areas but they won’t be successful.  They underestimate the toughness, strength, determination, tenacity and values of those in the country. The fiercely independent people who live in these areas will never submit to arbitrary authority and many are prepared for guerilla warfare if it comes to that point.  They simply are not made to lie down and cower. What the Politburo will try to do, however, is deprive these people of commerce in an effort to suffocate them by cutting them off from the rest of the world. Submit or die will be the order of the day. Yet the majority of free people in rural areas will not submit.

The free rural people of America, to weather this storm, will need to work together and enhance those community bonds in support of one another. They will need to band together both locally and in somewhat in larger geographical alliances, ready to engage in trade, mutual defense, health care and financial business with one another, keeping their resources rotating internally without permitting them to leak outside to the globalist control grid.  These communities could easily take their trade, barter and business inward while using their produce, products as well as Gold and Silver for money while avoiding dependency on what will eventually be a fast crashing dollar. They will have to limit business largely to themselves and avoid sending money and resources to the big cities in order to remain free. Once valuable resources and commodities get outside of local communities and larger alliances you can say goodbye to them forever.

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For those feeling trapped in the current turmoil of the cities, which are fast becoming crime-ridden economic wastelands, it’s time to recognize that you need to relocate but if this is your plan you’d better do it soon. A second wave of lockdowns may be coming which may eventually bar you from interstate travel and if you are able to relocate you need to be aware that your arrival in the country may not be immediately welcomed. Newcomers are may not be trusted in this time and if you don’t have anything positive to say or contribute you might end up being ostracized rather quickly and you’ll need allies not enemies. You had also better come with some respect for your new neighbors. Nothing will ruin your would-be relationships faster than bringing a know-it-all and condescending big city attitude which doesn’t recognize that your neighbors have much greater knowledge than you about self-sufficiency and living off of the land. Beyond this, you’ll need to have the right constitution, political make-up, values and a healthy willingness to learn from others. To be a good fit with your new rural neighbors in a time of crisis you’ll ideally have to have some skills to contribute to the community as well.

We know that rural land is now beginning to sell to big money players departing the cities so look for property values to begin to increase soon.  Preserve the traditions you encounter in your new community and embrace the local way of life rather than trying to change it. Many long-time residents of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado and Texas know precisely what I mean when I speak of “Californication”. It’s the figurative screwing of local communities by California transplants who trample on local culture once they relocate. They make far more enemies than friends.

So if you have the ability to move before the big money does and you have the vitality and good nature to live a free, independent and respectful life, it’s time to make your move. Get out of the cities now.

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