The Great Reset is a Con

It won’t be long before you hear mainstream news media pushing everyone to embrace a new paradigm called the Great Reset. When you hear about this take note, it is at the heart of an agenda that has been long in the making and is about to be rolled out as a solution to everything that ails world civilization.

The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 and the subsequent global demonstrations and riots over the murder of George Floyd are being exploited and used as cover and as an excuse for the restructuring of the entire global political, social, financial and economic order.  Indeed many of rioters and the organizations backing them are fully supported, financed and given legal protection by big money globalists seeking to establish that one world government which goes by the name of the “New World Order”. This is no surprise to anyone who has followed a number of independent journalists and researchers who’ve followed the money of global chaos for several years and even decades now.  It now appears that the globalists have in fact squeezed whatever they possibly could out of the existing order and it’s ready to collapse.  With a good push from the globalists and their minions, the existing order is about to fall over and break into a million pieces.  They see their moment. In fact, they created this moment. It’s time to tear the old system down and build a new construct – and it is coming our way via The Great Reset.

The existing order was created in 1913, and subsequently built upon, with the Federal Reserve Act and the creation of the Federal Reserve (The Fed) – a private banking collective that everyone mistakes for being a government institution. The Fed was given the authority to create the country’s money and, along with managing fiscal policy, manage the supply of money moving into the American economy – a responsibility that until 1913 was held by the United States Treasury.

Suffice it to say that The Fed has used its power to the great enrichment of its member banks; in one manner by loaning money to the US government. Money which has to be paid back with interest, by the US citizen. The US citizen therefore became a tax or debt slave, a primary instrument to generate revenue in the form of tax dollars to both fund the military operations of the empire and to perpetually pay back the endless stream of debt being issued by the Fed.

This system has worked well for the globalists and wealthy transnational financiers for quite a while but it’s nearing an end because there is so much debt that the country has to pay back. It has to pay this money back not only to the Fed but also countless investment institutions and foreign governments that have loaned the United States money – but the United States has accumulated so much debt that it is now known that the money can never be paid back. This is a manufactured crisis which had a predetermined outcome by causing institutions world-wide, institutions that have been in on the act, to question their confidence in the dollar and, seeing it’s value substantially eroded by inflation, to look at an alternative system of money. Enter digital money and crypto-currencies to be used by a new global financial system that will integrate every country into a greater system – the New World Order.

The New World Order looks to create multiple layers of global control in order to “solve society’s problems for the good of all humanity”. They tell us that money, greed and pollution have created an unfair society where humanity’s basic needs can’t be met.  It’s created a system of unfairness, poverty, misery and despair even though it was America’s capitalist system that in reality led to so many people being lifted out of these negative financial and social conditions. Facts, of course, do not matter.  They’ve engaged the media, academic, and entertainment complexes to sell their agenda. They are selling the agenda as a new hope for a better world but what it really means is the establishment of a global authoritarian regime which controls all people, property, and money world-wide.

Their goals include population reduction and control, “economic equality” – which really means global impoverishment and the elimination of the middle class (unless you are lucky enough to be among the political and business elite who never live by the same rules as the peons) and the destruction of our standard of living made possible by fossil fuels.

They intend to roll out green energy in force but no green energy can replace what fossil fuels provide in terms of energy output at such a low cost and while they will tell you that green energy is as cost effective as fossil fuels, this is a complete lie. By eliminating fossil fuels, the New World Order crowd will ensure millions of jobs are lost, and they’ll ensure the creation of a system that can only sustain a limited number of people due to reduced food production, restricted land use rights, and policies which ensure that industrial production is cut off as much as possible – save the production of robots which will be used to replace people whenever and wherever possible.

Through years of propaganda and policy maneuvers they now have the people calling for, demanding and embracing this new vision of the world. It’s a world which the people, particularly the young, think will be more clean, fair and equitable as it will be run by enlightened elites who know better than you as to what’s good for you, your family, and the planet. The Great Reset and the Green New Deal go hand in hand and they are a Trojan Horse. This is the ultimate con and by the time the people realize that they are the victims and not the beneficiaries of this new world it will be too late. You’ll soon be hearing a lot about the Great Reset and how we need it to create a more just world.  Don’t believe the hype.

It’s past time to stock up food and other essential items as we near a full-blown global crisis in which hyperinflation will destroy the standard of living for tens of millions of people across the country. Get ready now while supplies are still available at reasonable prices.

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