Surviving America’s Marxist Revolution

Multiple Deep State coup d’etat attempts against President Trump have failed and the cover of the Russia, Ukraine, impeachment and other hoaxes has been ripped off – exposing the plotters that unlawfully acted to unseat a duly-elected president. The plotters have been exposed and are being grilled and investigated though it remains to be seen what, if any, action Attorney General Bill Barr will take against them.  Hoaxes have been exposed, abuses of process uncovered, and treasonous acts revealed.  The question is, will anything be done about it or will we learn that the Deep State is everywhere, protecting their own, until the final nail is driven into the coffin of the Rule of Law and what may come to be known as the End of The American Experiment?  Will the Attorney General hold people accountable and prosecute them for their crimes or merely bury the crimes, revealing himself to be yet another Deep State operator? Will justice prevail or will our Constitutional Republic become yet another failed state, fallen empire or collapsed civilization?  It would appears that a collapse is in order as revolutionary forces are marching ahead, emboldened by some politicians while the apathy of others means the gates are for the barbarian horde.

We have several foreign and domestic enemies that are actively supporting riots, violence and even the takeover of city halls and police departments across the country. We have “autonomous zones” being set up in Seattle and elsewhere where radical leftists have proclaimed sovereignty with the support of local governments. We have total civil chaos, led by a leftist rebellion against the country and this is by design.  The globalists, who love war, empire, totalitarian control and Marxism for the masses while actively despising capitalism, freedom, individual liberty and property rights for the masses are determined to stamp out our freedoms to pave the way for their takeover. The leftists, the useful idiots who will continue to support a destruction of our values, Constitution and even common sense to get their way, are the shock troops for the globalists – but it is they who will be eliminated first once the takedown is complete. They may be emboldened by their successes and the failure of good people to speak out but have no clue what is coming for them when this is over. A look at any communist revolution ought to be instructive but they will swear it’s going to be different this time.

Bolstered by outright lies and fraudulent reporting pumped into the airwaves by Democrat politicians, Deep State bureaucrats and a mainstream media that looks to be run by Joseph Goebbels, the leftist revolutionary forces have been armed, fed, trained and released upon the public and civil society. They are the shock troops, the barbarian horde and a witch’s brew of leftist organizations which is to say the “progressive” political front men and along with the media propagandists they are in an all-out push to take down the country. They will not relent until their all-out guerilla war and terrorist campaigns are either 100% successful or they are defeated by being driven into the sea in a conflict that will destroy what little prosperity the people have left and will leave the country a smoldering heap of ashes. It may sound extreme but this is what we all need to be ready to deal with.

Decent, kind, loving, civilized, and patriotic Americans who respect the country and its people need to prepare to fight back with every ounce of their being.  The time is at hand. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch our country, our businesses, our prosperity and our civilization be ruined. We have to make a stand now, just like the citizens in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho who calmly and honorably took to the streets with their AR-15s to ensure that businesses, property, and innocent people were protected from would be looters and rioters last week. They made a stand that was a great example for all of us to follow. If a stand is not made, know that the violence will soon be escalated sharply as you can bet that America’s enemies are preparing for a summer of rage and a fall of destruction during and after the elections.  They can’t be permitted to win.

Police forces across the country, especially in liberal towns and cities, are realizing that the politicians are abandoning them and will not have their backs. Many are seeking retirement rather than the risk of being prosecuted so there will be no order in the streets except for the order imposed by radical leftists, radical right forces, or patriots who honor country and Constitution.  It will have to be one or the other if the police abandon their precincts but it must be the patriots who rule the day. Our latest podcast gets matters involving the police and social chaos so we urge you to take a listen.

The Marxist Revolution is here and we need to treat it as such.  The war has gone from being a propaganda and information or communications war to the early stages of an open armed conflict.  Leftists have attacked innocent citizens for speaking out against the lunacy, for not speaking out in favor of the lunacy, or for merely being witnesses to the lunacy. They’ve attacked businesses, restaurants, grocery stores, auto repair shops, factories, police stations, banks, city halls, retail shops and more and they are looking to expand their operations. They are cheered on by the media, by the entertainment complex and by leftist politicians who should have their allegiance to the country fully questioned at this point. Importantly, they have immunity from prosecution in many cities as well.  They police arrest them and then they are released by district attorneys who refuse to charge them so they can go back on the streets to do more harm.  This means that they have impunity and you need to be ready to fight back because they are all about a revolution and forcing you to submit to their will.

That said there are key steps that require your immediate attention. These things require urgency and attentiveness. Do not delay and be mentally, physically and spiritually prepared to have your local or state government either turn on you or abandon you and leave you to the wolves. Time is of the essence.

  1. Join or start a Self-Defense Group and make sure it is an ethical one that adheres to the principles of our Constitution.  Becoming a radical band of marauders and vigilantes hurts the cause of freedom and will hasten the demise of the country. If you are a veteran, law enforcement, or a first responder, consider a group like the Oathkeepers.  They look to take ethical and honest people and are not looking for radicals, racists, or gung-ho barbarians. Statements to the contrary by the mainstream media are a myth and meant to demonize those who fight to protect our Constitutional rights and way of life.
  2. Stock up on ammo and magazines now.  You don’t need 20 guns but you may need twenty magazines, and lots of ammo, to defend yourself from extremist aggression. Ideally you have a long gun and a hand gun and no less than 1,000 rounds of ammunition for each. If a leftist mob comes gunning in your neighborhood you will need a lot of ammo to defend yourself. The key word is “defend”. Do not go out looking for a fight unless the country goes full scale 1861. In that instance you’ll have to go after your enemies rather than wait for them to show up at your door.
  3. Adopt multiple ways to communicate with your group, friends and neighbors including the use of encrypted chat apps and encrypted email and always practice electronic security. We recommend you leave your cell phones at home if you’re going to group meetings and when using your computer to browse the web you should use a VPN as much as possible. We recommend the extremely highly rated NordVPN. You may have to disable it (which is easy to do with the click of a button) when conducting some of your business online in some limited cases but if you are conducting tasks that need to remain private, ensure that your VPN is turned on.
  4. Stock up on food, medical supplies, and personal hygiene items as much as you can. With supply chain problems, food production concerns, the potential for long term civil unrest and looming hyperinflation on the horizon you ought to have at least six months, and preferably a year or more, of supplies to manage disruptions. It may not be long before your twenty dollar bill doesn’t buy even a half pound of hamburger. Be Prepared Emergency Essentials has a number of long term freeze dried foods in stock and available for shipping that you would be wise to add to your long term survival supplies.
  5. Maintain spiritual peace and harmony.  In times like these it’s important to be spiritually prepared.  If you keep your spiritual house in order, you’ll be calm, intuitive, dutiful, moral, and ethical in your actions and you will be prepared to do what is necessary to protect the lives of the innocent.  This is what society needs from you more than ever. You must love and care for those who are good and peaceful but for those who are bringing violence and destruction to our country and to your family, you have the right to defend and protect yourself and others and if things really get bad and turn into an all-out war then you can take the fight to them with conviction and brutality. No one messes with your family or your group and gets away with it.
  6. Have an evacuation plan and a place to go – a bug out location – if you need to abandon your current location and make sure you have extra cash on hand if the ATMs, credit cards and banks are shut down.  We’ve seen this happen many times in America and around the world over the last few years.  You may not be able to rely on electronic payments for things that you need to purchase if things spiral out of control and a run on the banks is going to become more and more likely as we progress through the summer.
  7. Keep the faith and don’t give up. This is going to be a long fight but if you stay faithful to truth and justice, and take a firm stand against extremist violence when it comes to your town, neighborhood or family, and if you uphold our Constitutional values and remain moral in your actions, we will prevail.

Time is running out. Get ready.

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