Freeze Dried Nutrition for Your Food Preps

YouTube, BitChute, and Brighteon have thousands of prepper videos focusing on pantries, food stocks and recommended products from freeze dried food to canned and dry goods. There is no shortage of advice and ideas for stocking up since the modern prepper movement has been going strong for about 15 years now. While preppers are way ahead of the general public when it comes to having secured long term food supplies, one thing many preppers overlook is the stocking of long term food that is actually healthy.

There are no doubt thousands of preppers who have a year’s supply of freeze dried chili mac, biscuits and gravy, and lasagna with meat sauce as well as MREs and canned SPAM, ravioli, and soups and that’s great but over the long term how much mileage is your body going to get out of these meals that are sodium, carb, and preservative heavy? Eating these types of foods over the long term will undoubtedly contribute to health problems or exacerbate existing ones since many of these ingredients contribute to inflammation and disease. With this in mind, it’s time to realize that we all had better diversify our food stocks in a way that ensures we’re looking out for our health to the greatest degree possible.

How many preppers have ensured that they have freeze dried fruits and vegetables as a part of their supplies in addition to those biscuits and gravy? Those who have thought of adding these to their preps probably need to add even more because these items, even for those who have thought of them, are the last things to be thought of because everyone is thinking in terms of whole meals when buying their supplies.

The good thing about freeze dried fruits and vegetables is that they are comprised of just the fruit or vegetable itself and nothing more. No added sodium, no preservatives, just the bounty of nature and that alone. You’re getting everything good and nothing bad so ensure that these items comprise a substantial portion of your long term food stocks. Add some of the freeze dried items listed below to your food stocks and don’t skimp on these things – your body will thank you in the long run by being optimally fueled and burning cleanly instead of being bogged down and inflamed by sugar, sodium and preservatives. Think of the benefit you’ll reap from stocking up on these freeze dried items.

Berries: Anti-inflammatory and high in vitamin C.

Bananas: High in Potassium and great for heart health and muscle recovery.

Peaches: Loaded with antioxidants and fiber.

Apples: Good for gut health and are high in flavonoids which lower risk of stroke.

Peas: High in protein and help prevent atherosclerosis.

Carrots: Great for gut health and eyesight.

Spinach: High in iron and potassium.

Onions: High in vitamin B, C and high in many cancer fighting compounds.

Since these are the most overlooked and ignored long term foods they tend to be available for shipping immediately so don’t delay. Get on it before everyone else does and the shortages ensue.

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